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Tsav calls for caution in handling allegations against IGP



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Former Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Alhaji Abubakar Tsav has called on the general public to be cautious on handling, making comments about allegations made by Senator Isa Haman Missau against the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris.
He observed that based on the wild allegation, there is the possibility that there are some issues between IGP Idris and Senator Missau which should be made known in the interest of peace and justice.
“Perhaps, there is something between the IGP and Sen. Missau which the public don’t know and which we may like to know now in the interest of justice and fair play,” he said.
He added, “Those allegations made against the IGP by Senator Isa Haman Missau are very serious and damaging. There is need for extreme care and caution in handling this matter.”
Senator Missau had in an interview with a daily newspaper alleged that the IGP of receiving money to the tune of N120bn from individuals and corporate entities as charges for deploying policemen to them without remitting such money to police coffer.
He also alleged the police of collecting money before officers are promoted.
In reaction, the Nigerian Police accused the senator of being a deserter from the service about seven years ago alleging that he forged his retirement letter the senator was brandishing claimed to be approved by the Police Service Commission.
Tsav asked some pertinent questions to include, “Why did Senator Isa Haman Missau whose late father (Barr Haman Missau, AIG rtd) was a police officer, choose to make such allegations against the IGP?
“Why did the Police decide to declare Senator Isa Haman Missau  a DESERTER  only now when he leveled serious allegations against the IGP? He further stated.