What modern Girls really look for in Men



    Love and family are the greatest values of our life. People seek each other, and sometimes it takes much time to find the one that fits you perfectly. We asked our gorgeous friends from Romance Compass – online ukrainian dating site about what kind of features they look for in men. Clearly, you should not adapt yourself to this list, but it might help you become more attractive to women.

    1. Maturity: If a girl seeks a long-term relationship, she is probably interested in a certain type of guys. Young men with boyish attitudes are good when she is 18. Later on, a woman needs something more than amusement and permanent entertainment. She needs the one who would be able to overcome obstacles and make important decisions. And, of course, they look for mature men – not older, but developed. Age does not always determine maturity, but experience does.
    1. Decisiveness: One of the most common mannish features is resoluteness. You know exactly how things go and can resolve any possible problem. In fact, women are also assertive. They are able to focus their attention not worse than men. However, it is stereotypically a man’s agenda to overcome difficulties. Women prefer to be assistants and supporters. You should also have an idea about your future – it makes a girl believe that you will be devoted to her and your family.
    1. Intelligence: No one dares to argue about men’s brain being their sexiest organ of all. Nonetheless, not all the men train this muscle. Some of us suggest that physical strength is the only important thing about a real man. Women look for the one that would be able to keep the conversation going; the one who make them smile with witty commentaries; the one who would explain something if needed.
    1. Appearance: Even though men should not be overly obsessed with their looks (nor should women be), we should somehow maintain a good appearance. We should take care of our haircuts and facial hair, wear reserved yet good-looking suits and clothes, clean our boots and stick to regular hygiene procedures. The way you look clarifies a lot about your personality. Certainly, a family-oriented girl looks for the one with a great genome – to give birth to beautiful and healthy children!
    1. Upbringing: Nice manners and loyalty are more likely to be attractive than stereotypical manliness. You should be able to communicate with people in a respective manner, even if they appear to be hierarchically below you. Because girls know – the way you communicate with other people is the same as the way you will communicate with them after marriage. Don’t be a douche.
    1. Career: No, we are not talking about your flourishing financial state. Modern girls are strongly affected by feministic movements, so most of them suggest providing themselves is a great idea. However, your developed career and a remarkable job title are a sign of both confidence and assertiveness. In addition, having a job is rather a necessity in the modern world, no matter if you work by yourself or in the office.


    Source: Seriously-Maybe.com