This is a Night of Bliss of soulwinning, healing, miracles — Pastor Ndubuisi

    Prayer Rally in preparation for Night of Bliss Special
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    The Christ Embassy Zone 2, Lagos, holds this year’s Night of Bliss Special in the City of Lagos on April 22, 2016. This is the second edition of the programme inspired by the Holy Spirit through Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, President of the Believers Loveworld. The special Night provides venue for spiritual visitation and divine interventions from the throne of God on the participants, where healings, restoration of destinies and Holy Ghost revival take place.  In preparation for the event, Pastor Paul Ndubuisi, the event Moderator, conducted a panel interaction where he highlighted:  “We are looking forward to a special program our Man of God has asked us to have.  He has communicated that vision to our Zonal Director. Pastor has asked us, his children, to work with him to make this program a reality.” He asserted that the meeting will have in attendance hundreds of thousand souls. “So, it’s big, Lagos has not seen something like that before and we are able to do it,” he said. Details of the preparatory dialogue involving some Pastors in the Zone are highlighted below. 

    WE will like you to tell us the objective of this program and what people will be looking out for?
    As you have rightly said, it is a special program and we are expecting hundreds of thousands of seeable and huggable Human beings. This is a special Night of Bliss of soul winning, healing and miracle crusade. That has already defined the objective of the crusade. It is an evangelical meeting and a reach-out to our catchment areas; to reach those that are yet to receive salvation, reach those who are not committed to any church and reach those that haven’t heard about the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a program that demonstrates the character of the spirit as a ministry in the city of Lagos. For us, it is very defined; it is about healing, about miracle, about influencing our catchment and subduing the city of Lagos.

    There’s something unique about this program. It is coming in the year of spreading divine influence from the throne of Grace. It is obvious that this is happening in the city of Lagos. It is the entrenchment of the message of our ministry; this program will entrench our message.
    The nation needs our message now. The nation is going through a lot of trying times. And in trying times, God always come in with His word for His people. The other side of this program is the fact that it has been prophesied by Pastor Chris. In a meeting, he looked at Pastor Vale and said, “you are going to have a crowd.’ Once a Man of God prophesies a meeting, that means it is a meeting of destiny; that means it was foresaw before it happened. Pastor Chris, specifically, said hundreds of thousands of people will be in attendance, when he looked at Pastor Vale. That meeting has already happened in Heaven; we just want to replicate it on earth. So, it is a meeting that is ready and it is coming when our nation needs a change. It’s not a change anybody can give; it is a change of heart, a change of value, a change of attitude, a change of destiny of men. So, the program is the vision of our Man of God which has come to expand the glory and the beauty of our ministry in the land of Lagos.

    What are the roles of the brethren in the zone?
    The word has come forth; the next thing is to begin to pray. Every member of the zone must begin to make prayer deposit for the program, there’s no room for spiritual spectator. Everybody must begin to draw up the list of things concerning the program, the venue, whether, the city of Lagos and begin to pray. One thing about praying on the program is for you to see the program ahead; the lame that will walk, to the blind that will see in your closet before getting to the venue. Secondly, brethren should get involved in publicity. The Lord has already given his word, what we have to do is to publicize it. Every one of us must get involved, from member of the cell to Bible study teacher. Thirdly, brethren should get involved in giving for the program and give passionately for it.
    Pastor Paul Ndubuisi (Moderator): The program is going to be the talk of town, souls are going to be won; the devil will be thrown out of the city of Lagos and it requires massive planning and planning begins with prayer in the realm of the spirit. Every other thing is a walk over.

    In the area of mobilization, we need to mobilize internally and externally, we need structures, please talk to us on how we can achieve that?
    Internal mobilization must start first because it is the one that will drive external mobilization. First, the vision must be embraced by all leaders. What God does is He will look for a head to communicate the vision to, once the head grabs it, the others follow. That is why our leaders must understand the vision of this crusade. No two programs are alike, this is a different program and it is very important we understand that.
    Secondly, this is the important aspect of this program. The city of Lagos is a strategic city in Nigeria; apart from being the commercial city in Nigeria, it is the melting pot of all cultures. One person that will get saved in the program has an effect on the population. It is going to be a program that many people will be saved and we are going to see the effect of the program many years to come. This is a program that will carry our messages to other states. Once we understand that, we need to start driving the vision and prayer is very important in internalizing a vision because when God has a vision, God will need to communicate the vision to you, so that you can go along with it. That’s why prayer is very important. In that prayer, we see possibilities. I believe that we are going to hit the target and surpass it. It has to be your conviction; do you believe and you drive that conviction to prayer? The second thing in the area of mobilization is that we have to make it important, make it look good, if there are materials we are giving you, wear it. Don’t casualise the communication, the importance you attached to it, is what the brethren will attach to it. Once we get that, our catchment area becomes a deliverable target.