2023: Tinubu supporters outsmart Atiku, launch movement in Abuja, cover 36 states

A political movement compelling APC national leader Bola Tinubu to come forward and contest the 2023 presidential race swung into action in Abuja by inaugurating the movement on Friday.

Named BAT Project 23, the group held its leaders’ conference tagged The Bold Step, and participating were 36 state coordinators.

Politicians eyeing the presidency in 2023 have started warming up indirectly though none has ever identified with the movements associated with their ambitions.

BAT’s move however appears the boldest so far—bolder than that of ex-VP Atiku Abubakar (PDP) who contested against President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Atiku’s son, a commissioner in Adamawa, first blew open his father’s ambition, but didn’t make a fanfare of it. And when his supporters launched the ATIKU TV in Kaduna, it was not a big show.

BAT’s National coordinator of the group, Umar Inusa, said it is time for the APC national leader to offer himself for service in order to consolidate President Muhammadu Buhari’s successes.

Among the qualifying points BAT ascribed to Tinubu are his mentorship of of younger politicians across religions and ethnic group, developing Lagos when he was governor, and  what he called Tinubu’s can-do spirit.

“Tinubu is a leader who transforms nothing into something and feeds his people from the riches of what has been so transformed,” Inusa said.

He cited if as Lagos State governor, he could ensure prompt payment of staff salaries, complete developmental projects, and carry out philanthropic activities, the nothing prevent him from doing same across the nation.

“Now, think about the bigger picture here. If he did that in Lagos and we never heard Lagos State going into recession at the time, what if he had the whole country struggling to manage her abundant resources? Let us ponder upon that.

“That is the man of calibre and pedigree, a charismatic and selfless leader we pray to canvass support to pilot the affairs of this nation and take it to the Promised Land.”

The former governor has insisted he’s focusing on helping Buhari succeed in this second term, and a presidential ambition is not his concern now.


  1. Tinubu and companies wasting their energy,money and time,Nigerians will not produce a dictator as a president,a man who used his state and people under as a carpet and chicken he fed with remainants of corn seeds.