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3 reasons why your car steering wheel is hard to turn



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Many car owners around the world are victims of a hard steering wheel on a daily basis but one of the problems that they face is that they don’t know why this always happens. In this article, I will list some of the things that may cause your car steering wheel to be hard to turn around.

1. One of the major causes of the hard steering wheel can be as a result of a low tyre pressure or air. If your tyres are not properly guage with the right amount of air or pressure, it can make your steering wheel hard to turn around. So, you should always make sure that your car tyres are always guage with the right percentage of air to avert this problem while driving.

2. Another major cause of a hard steering wheel can be as a result of a spoiled serpentine belt. If this belt is damaged or worn out, it may not allow your power steering pump to function properly and as a result, it can cause the hardness of your steering wheel.

3. You should always check your power steering pump in order to know the level of your power steering fluid because if it is not enough, it can result in the hardness of the steering wheel.

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