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5 causes of burning sensation in your leg



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The skin, muscles, and nerves located in the legs can all trigger a burning sensation or discomfort. Getting to know the source of the discomfort can assist to understand the cause and access the right treatment.

According to “Medical News Today” below are some causes of the burning sensation in your leg.

1. Burning thigh pain

The medical term for burning discomfort that transpires in the outer part of your thigh meralgia paresthetica. The burning discomfort arises as a result of a large compressed nerve.

Factors that trigger burning thigh discomfort include trauma, swelling, or pressure on the leg. Some familiar instances include gaining weight, clothing of the tight, or work gear that presses on the body.

2. Nerve damage

Peripheral neuropathy is the medical term for a type of damage that occurs in the nerve. It generally affects the legs and feet but in some cases can affect the arms and hands. Diabetes is a familiar factor in nerve damage.

The high amount of sugar in the blood damages the nerves and the blood vessels that deliver blood and other nutrients to the nerves. Over time, this can result in peripheral neuropathy.

3. Sun exposure

It is easy to ignore the legs when applying sunscreen to your body. An individual may not feel that the light and heat from the sun has affected their skin until they sense pain or discomfort a few hours later.

Sunburn triggers skin inflammation. It may feel hot when you touch the part affected and triggers a burning sensation that lasts for some time. It is crucial to cool the skin down to alleviate discomfort and stave off further damage.

4. Injury

An injury that transpires in the leg is one of the most widespread causes of discomfort. In particular, a burning sensation is triggered by damage to muscles.

When muscles stretch further than their limit, it can result in a strain. It is capable of tearing part of the muscle. Exercise is the major cause of muscle strain.

5. Exercise

Exercise that makes use of muscles in the legs can trigger a burning feeling. This does not constantly mean that the muscle is injured.

When partaking in exercise, the body requires additional energy than usual. It cannot take in sufficient oxygen to generate energy, so the muscles in the body take over. This produces lactic acid, which triggers a burning feeling.


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