5 Common foods that can cause miscarriage in pregnant women

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Though food is generally known to aid body function, the time and condition at which food is taken can variably affect the body system.

Conditions and state of health of the body system are determining factors to always put into consideration before selecting a particular food to eat as some foods can cause health implications when taking at a particular state of health and body condition.

Pregnancy being a condition in women comes along with a lot of body changes and variations which makes certain foods potentially dangerous to this condition and when eaten can lead to miscarriage.

Miscarriage is a very dangerous situation that causes loss of pregnancy and happens to most women in the early stage of their pregnancy. This can be caused by quite a several factors but for the sake of this article, we will focus on food causes which is the area which most people are ignorant of.

Foods consumed during the time of pregnancy can either develop the baby and aid the pregnant woman or cause miscarriage if consumed in the wrong manner. The concern here now becomes to know the particular foods that can cause miscarriage in pregnant women so one can keep a check on them and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Here are 5 common foods that you might not have known that can cause miscarriage in pregnant women.

1) Pineapple:-

This food is not recommended for pregnant women, due to the presence of certain chemical substances and enzymes that can cause or induce premature contractions which can lead to miscarriage.

2) Paw Paw:-

This food formally known as papaya can lead to miscarriage when the unripe version of it is eaten during pregnancy. Its content can trigger uterine contractions, induce early labor and weaken membranes that support the fetus.

3) caffeine:-

They are very unhealthy for pregnant women and can cause miscarriage as they can influence cell development and decrease placental blood flow.

4) Alcohol:-

Alcohol having the ability to modify hormone patterns is very risky for pregnant women and can cause miscarriage by increasing oxidative stress and impairing key pathways.

5) Processed Meat:-

Processed meats are seen to be very bad for pregnancy as they can cause listeria infection due to the chemicals used in processing them thereby leading to miscarriage.