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59-year old female football fan crazy about Mourinho



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  • Litters body with 20 tattoos


A 59-year old woman, Vivien Bodycote, spends greater percentage of her husband’s pension earnings on tattoos all over her body.National Daily gathered that she admitted to have become addicted to marking tattoos reflecting Jose Mourinho’s picture, Manager of Manchester United, on her body.

“I am addicted to him”’ the 59-year old grandma with 20 tattoos of Jose Mourinho on her body declared.

Vivien Bodycote who now has 20 tattoos of Jose on her body said she can’t go out and not come back with another tattoo of Jose, adding that she can die because of him and cheat as well.

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Tony, her 76-year old husband, has spent over £800 of his pension earnings on tattoos of Jose’s face all over his wife’s body.

Vivien said: “there is no day I don’t look at his picture online, I am addicted to him if he leaves Manchester United, I would gladly say goodbye to British teams and go there.”

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