6 ways to know you’re healthy or not without running a medical test

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When your body is in an unhealthy condition, according to Healthline, there are different signs your body will show you. Aside from doing blood and urine tests, there are simple ways to know whether you are healthy or not.

1. Take note of your weight. If you are gaining too much weight, then you need to start dieting.

2. You can take note of whether you slept well or not. When you are finding it difficult to sleep, it’s a sign that something is wrong somewhere.

3. You can take note of your mental clarity. If you are having difficulty focusing or experiencing memory loss, then you need to start doing something to prevent amnesia.

4. You can take note of the color of your tongue, eyes, nails, and the palm of your hands. When there’s no sign of sufficient blood in these places or they look pale, your health needs medical attention.

5. You can take note of your skin and hair. The condition of your skin and hair can reveal how healthy you are. When someone is healthy, you can see it in their skin.

6. You can take note of your energy level or your mood. All of these things can indicate whether you are in good health or not. However, there are times you start stooling when your body is transitioning.

When your body is trying to get rid of excess toxins in your body, you might experience what we call a healing crisis. When your body is pulling out those toxins, it can overwhelm your body.

Detoxification is healthy and shouldn’t be seen as a problem for the body. After your body is detoxified, you just need to ensure you don’t go back to your former diet and lifestyle that built-up toxins in your body in the first place.

This is when you should start doing things to maintain your health. What you eat for breakfast, lunch, or supper will determine the maintenance of your health.

You need to focus on eating a lot of vegetables, especially in the morning and at night. However, dieting is not for children, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, and men who do physical hard work.

It’s only for those who want to remove excess toxins from their system and prevent new ones from coming in.

You should only eat foods that alkalinize your body and provide all of the nutrients you require for good health.

This will lead to a bolstered immune system and improve circulation and oxygenation of the blood, which will create a hostile environment for disease. Good health will thrive better in such a body.