Africa accounts for 2-3% of world’s carbon dioxide emission – Minister Onu

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The Minister of Science and Technology, and Innovation, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, at the virtual meeting organised by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in his office Abuja, expressed concerns that Africa accounts for 2-3% of world’s carbon dioxide emission, noting that the continent has varied enormous and energy resources which include Natural Gas, Hydro Power, Biomass, nuclear and coal. The minister, therefore, asserted that global warming is a reality in Nigeria.

The Minister in a statement by ministry spokesperson, Afonja Ajibola, emphasized that one evidence for global warming in Nigeria is the drying up of Lake Chad, desertification and coastal flooding affecting many parts of the country.

Onu demanded inclusive energy transmission in Africa, saying that this will support the social and economic prosperity of African countries.

Onu further stated that the enormous advantage to be derived from the Energy System can be effectively processed into final energies in the  areas of abundance and be transported through inter-regional electric-grid connections, pipelines, roads/infrastructure to regions of resources deficiency.

The minister assured of the federal government’s commitment in providing the enabling environment for private sector participation in the energy sector, saying  the Petroleum Industry Act of 2021 signed by President Muhammadu Buhari, among others, seek to promote investment in Natural Gas, Nigeria’s transition Fuel for electricity, fuel and non-energy usage.

He acknowledged the role IRENA is playing in promoting renewable energy globally and for organizing the Ministerial meeting on just and inclusive energy transition in Africa.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian government is doing very little to develop and sustain the hydro source of electricity generation, let alone solar energy. Majority Nigerians, including industries rely daily on independent generators  for electricity supply to homes, factories and offices.