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AFRIMA, PMAN, others release communique of 2nd Nigerian Music Industry Emergency Meeting



AFRIMA, PMAN, others release communique of 2nd Nigerian Music Industry Emergency Meeting
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The 2nd Emergency Meeting of the Nigerian Music Industry with the theme, ‘Identification of Internal and External Regulatory Mechanisms to Smoothen the Working Relationship among Various Stakeholders and Subgroups in the Music Industry,’ took place on Monday 12 February 2024, via video conference.

The Summit was facilitated by All Africa Music Awards – AFRIMA Music Business Summit in partnership with the Performing Musicians Employers Association of Nigeria (PMAN), Record Label Proprietors Initiative (RELPI), Association of Music Artist Managers of Nigeria (AMAMN) and Music Publishers Association of Nigeria (MPAN), Music Publishers Association of Nigeria (MPAN), Fuji Musicians Association of Nigeria (FUMAN), among others.

The summit, anchored by Mr. Efe Omorogbe, saw the participation of all independent organisations performing oversight functions of the artistic, corporate, legal and policy regulations in the Nigerian music industry.

The 2nd emergency summit sought to redefine and consolidate the recommendations of the 4-man legal team instituted at the first emergency summit. This borders on the proposed establishment of a collective of representatives and other allied matters.

At the summit, participants discussed the Nigerian Music Industry Coalition proposal and the formation of a coalition. The conversation was about adopting the name and announcing the coalition.

After due consideration of the “Industry/Business” options, the final tally was 8 votes for ‘Music Industry Collective’ and 5 votes for ‘Music Industry Coalition’. The participants thus, agreed on the name ‘Nigerian Music Industry Collective’. It went further to agree that henceforth, the name, ‘Nigerian Music Industry Collective’ should replace AFRIMA as the secretariat.

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On the issue of formal registration, participants agreed to start off as a loose association before perfecting the legal and operational mechanism for the establishment of the Academy for the music industry.

The participants agreed to have a draft announcement statement ready by February 13, 2024 and to set up a working committee to discuss funding, operational modalities, and membership eligibility.

The participants agreed that the working committee will at inception, be made up of leaders of the constituent associations/organizations or their designated representatives.

On the matter of the drafting of minimum standard agreement templates for the industry, Efe Omorogbe expressed gratitude to Isioma Idigbe and Punuka Partners for the work done on the draft roadmap submitted for review by the larger house.

Isioma Idigbe did a presentation to the house discussing the objectives and process of evaluating contractual frameworks and establishing minimum contract terms within the music industry.

According to the document, a monitoring committee would be established from all the participating associations and entities to oversee the process and validate deliverables of the framework. The project is slated to span over six and a half months, with the overarching goal of establishing a self-regulatory system within the industry.