AI-Makura: Time to reward party loyalty    

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By Ahmad Muhammad Danyaro

It has been consistently political unequivocally and universally that the essence of a democratic government or any form of government is good leadership. This intangible and immaterial element is a veritable remedy and antidote to resolving crisis in any society. Great countries apply the remedy for sustenance, as they are the divert products of statesmen who apply to solve crisis situation.

Great societies are thus, product of good governance affected by good leadership and strong political leaders who are never in short supply. In the case of Nigeria, good governance and leadership have always been lacking. Though this is not without exception, as few Nigerians have distinguished themselves through leadership traits. One of such people is the former governor of Nasarawa State and current Senator Umaru Tanko Al-Makura, whose has answered the calls from APC leaders and stakeholders to vie for the position of the National Chairman of the party in the party’s convention slated for July 2021.

  A very principled and highly respected parliamentarian and party chieftain of the governing APC. A giant among peers not only in terms of intellect, vision and prestige but also in terms of sterling qualities of leadership. A man endowed with pragmatism high sense of service, dynamism and unalloyed love for the party affairs.

Senator Al-Mukura is man that is naturally loved and admired by the people; a democrat and pivot of mass mobilisation; a man who achieves greatness through assiduousness, self -will and sheer determination; a good listener; a man that remains unruffled even at the height of unwarranted intimidation and provocation; a man with critical thinking-skills. He is a strong advocate of unity, peace and progress of our great country, Nigeria.

He believes in mega- changes in the social, economic and political sectors and theses must be driven by the current generation of Nigerians. It is with this spirit that he has shown extra-ordinary commitment to education, electoral reforms, good governance, financial accountability and prudence, party cohesion , socio-economic development ,peaceful inter-religious coexistence ,security of lives and properties, freedom of citizens and rule of law, youth and women inclusion and social justice.

Ta’al quick start in office as both governor in 2011 and Senator in 2019 clearly shows great sense responsibility, exceptional courage, sincerity of purpose and diligent service to Nasarawa and Nigeria which distinguished him   as a worthy icon of rare breed whose been etched permanently in the annals of creative and legendary leaderships. There is no doubt that his legacies shall remain eternal source of inspiration for many generations to come.

In his success story, few people erroneously tend to view it as if he employed underhand tactics to achieve them and, in the process, underestimate his midas touch. The fact remains that he attained his present height through dint of hard work and unparalleled exhibition of moral discipline.

Always among many there would be one who standout. Even some stars are brighter than others. There is always a man among men.

There is always a man among men. Senator Umaru Tanko Al-Makura that man like the rainbow on the sky he is on evidence to the eyes that sees, for its value and beauty. One cannot but wonder from which source he drives his rare aggressive energetic zeal and tenacity, in solving party matters within a snap of a finger. To borrow the words of the classical Greek writer Homer, he is both a speaker of words and doer of deeds. Benevolent and highly spirited party loyalist who is a believer in the delegation of responsibilities to his subordinates for the creation of an incorruptible, efficient, resilient and responsive party system.

It is no longer news that Al-Makura has offered to serve his party in the highest position of National Chairman if the position is zone to his North Central Zone, his experience, antecedent, credibility and charisma are credentials that stand him out.

What is also amusing to some is that the charismatic leader recognized that good governance cannot only come about through visionary and dedicated leaders alone, but also a political platform that must encapsulate the set visions and ideologies of the actions of the individuals concerned. It is in this wise that Al-Makura blueprint for APC has set a new tone for the actualisation of the objectives should the party trust it future with the former Nasarawa governor.

Danyaro writes from Abuja.