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Ajodun Oke Ora cultural festival set to hold



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Ajodun Oke Ora festival is an annual religious and cultural festival celebrated by the Oke Ora people in Ekiti State.stival will hold tomorrow

The Ajodun Oke Ora festival will hold on Saturday, November 18,2017 in Oke Ora Ekiti, Ekiti State.

‘Ajodun Oke Ora’, literally translating to ‘the Festival of Oke Ora indigenes’, is a major social and cultural festival in Nigeria. The Oke Ora Ekiti people have been celebrating this festival for over a century.

The festival is celebrated like a carnival, bringing together the sons and daughters of Oke Ora Ekiti from home and abroad to celebrate the cultural, traditional and spiritual values of the Oke Ora Indigenes.

Different age groups, called ‘regberegbes’ as well as their friends and guests dress up in colourful costumes to celebrate the festival.

The age groups gaily dress will adorned in a procession to the palace of the Olora of Oke Ora Oba Peter Daramola to pay homage to him amidst prayer and fanfare.

Contemporary Nigerian artistes are also invited to thrill the crowd with their performances.

Away from the fun an entertainment, the annual festival is an avenue for indigenes of Oke Ora Ekiti to converge and discuss important issues as regards the Ekiti nation.

Ajodun Oke Ora festival also helps the socio-economic development of Ekiti state as business activities record a massive surge during the celebrations.

Organisers of the festival have promised that the 2017 edition will be an interesting and entertaining event as usual.