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 The six craziest people in Nigeria



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If you want to come to my country, Nigeria. There are list of people you will see. These are people that will make you laugh when angry,they will annoy you sometimes and they will be by your side if you are the type of friends they are looking for.

1. The lavish spenders: This set of people you know them when they have money. They walk with a special group called “fake friends” to spend the money together. Go places,party,club and the rest of them.

But when there is no money to spend they go back to their real friends and plead for help.

2. The quiet people: I belonged to this set of people. The called us the green-snake,slow poison, pretenders and slow killers. We don’t go out always but we can stay at home the whole 24hours in a day. We are not the social type of people,we hardly mingle with others and most of us shy a lot getting closer to people.

3. The party type: These set of people can’t do without going to party or where there is enjoyment. They can spend the last money with them just to attend the birthday party. Even they are not invited you can still see them in that party. This set of people go to party to eat all kinds of food,drink wine,and ask for take away to carry home.

4. The two sided people: I called them the two sided people because they don’t have a particular place you can find them. They are your friends when they need a favor from you or when you are with money. As soon as you help them,they disappear and never return until they need you again.

5. The eaters: This set of people don’t play with food. They eat always and you can find them at “mama put”(fast food joint or restaurant). They can eat more than three square meals in a day and still ask for more food to eat. They eat all kinds of food and never get tired of eating.

6. The fighters: This set of people you know them when they are at home because the environment will be noisy but when they are not at home everywhere will be as a grave yard. They love fighting. They get angry easily and can keep malice with anyone they fought.

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