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 Another amazing new service from Kwesé TV



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  • Your time, your content, your choice… #BeyondTV !
I’ve written here before about identifying a human need and then working to solve it with your own entrepreneurship and innovation. Sometimes you may also identify a “human want,” for example, to have more choice, convenience, speed, better prices, and a greater selection of inspiring, interesting and educational ways to spend your time…
# Have you always wanted to access the best global content for both you and your children, without struggling to find an international credit card to pay for it?
# Have you always wanted to build your own TV bouquet, and only pay for what you watch?
# Are you tired of repeats, and want so much content at your fingertips that you are always spoilt for choice?
My team thought about all the things you need, and the answer is our new service, Kwesé Play… which we launched today in partnership with Netflix, the giant US Internet streaming entertainment company.
Custom-built and powered by our partner Roku®, the Kwesé Play “streaming box” has more entertainment content than any broadcaster in Africa and is the first set-top box in Africa to officially include Netflix service.
This is a #GameChanger!
Here’s how it works: Traditional subscription service (or Pay TV) relies on a decoder connected to a satellite dish. The challenge of satellite technology is that it’s inflexible and rigid, limiting the things you can do. It’s actually quite an old technology.
Kwesé Play uses the most advanced decoder in the world (an Internet “streaming box”) connected by fibre optic cable. The high speed fibre (internet) connection allows us to provide the most intelligent TV service possible.
# Our “streaming box” is the one used mostly in the US. It’s a called Roku®, and is only available in Africa from Kwesé Play and its distributors! (This Roku-powered™ streaming box was custom-built for and in partnership with Kwesé).
# Netflix is provided through what we call an Internet “streaming app” which allows you to open and search for thousands of movies. This “video on demand” service means you can access the content as and when you wish to watch!
# Kwesé Play customers in South Africa get an exclusive, three-month FREE gift subscription to Netflix.  (This is a launch special.)
Our partnership with Netflix covers the whole of sub Saharan Africa. When the service rolls out to your country in the next several months, you will not need a credit card and foreign exchange. You can pay your Netflix subscription with your country’s own currency!
# Kwesé TV’s own “TV Everywhere App,” which we have just launched, is also on the platform so you can just open it and watch all our channels, including, of course, Kwesé Inc!
# Netflix is not the only “streaming app” on Kwesé Play. There are already 100 apps and we will increase them as we progress. Many Netflix originals will be released in Africa at the same time as everywhere in the world, including new seasons of global hits such as Stranger Things, Narcos, Luke Cage and The Crown, stand-up comedies like Trevor Noah, Afraid of the Dark, and Netflix.
# Netflix members in Africa will also be able to see some shows that are not available to Netflix members in the US, such as hit series Designated Survivor and the new Star Trek: Discovery series.
# In addition to Netflix and Kwesé TV, our launch Kwesé Play launch package includes TED, RedBull TV, iflix, Revolt, YouTube and HappyKids2.
There is more!!!
There are 100x streaming channel apps, but you can build your own bouquet. You choose the channels you like and build your own TV network. You pay ONLY for those channels you want.
There is more!!!
70% of the streaming apps are FREE! You pay for Netflix and Kwesé Play, and a few others… the rest are free!
There is more!!!
You have free access to the Kwesé TV “Everywhere App” for use on your phone, once you subscribe to Kwesé Play. This app has 75+ channels by end October.
Kwesé Play works with a normal TV or a laptop. It takes a few minutes to install if you have fibre in your house. You don’t need a technician and you don’t have to remove any other Pay TV service in your house.
#Beyond TV… Choose when, where and what you like!
Image credit: Netflix co-founder, Mr Reed Hasting and I in Barcelona earlier this year.

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