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Anti- Corruption War: NDLF cautions Buhari against selective fight



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By Odunewu Segun

The Niger Delta Liberation Force has advised President Muhammed Buhari to be cautious with his fight against corruption, citing the ordeals of some top officials in the Goodluck Jonathan administration in the hands of the Economic & Financial Crimes Commission lately.

“We have been watching carefully with the Buhari-led administration of using Economic and financial crimes Commission (EFFC) to witch-haunt political opponents of selective Nigerians like attack dogs that worked with the former President Goodluck Jonathan administration to embarrass them in pages of Newspaper of purported looting, intended to arrest and humiliate them”

According to the statement released by the group, the Buhari led Government is openly seen fighting political war against political opponents and not genuine ant-graft war as he made the world to believe.

The group said the travails of Sambo Dasuki was politically motivated. “Buhari is using the EFFC to humiliate and battered the hard earned reputation of the gentleman before the public. The same Buhari Government is also using EFFC to humiliate top Niger Deltans who worked with former President Goodluck Jonathan”.

The group also listed the former Petroleum Minister, Alliason Diezanni, former NIMASA boss, Dr. Patrick Akpoboloukaemi, former Niger Delta Minister, Deacon, Godday Orubebe, and Dr. Kingsley kuku penciled.

“For avoidance of doubt, we want to advise the Buhari led Government to be cautious with issues concerning Kingsley Kuku who is a product of the Niger Delta Struggle. That we will stand and fall with Kingsley Kuku for any unwarranted, illegal arrest and kangaroo prosecution against the gentleman.  We are not holding brief for Kingsley Kuku or any person in the administration of former President. We cannot ignore Kingsley Kuku to be humiliated like others with Buhari/EFCC trumped up charges and newspaper judgments” the group said.

“We urge Buhari not to use the EFCC to witch-haunt perceived political enemies of the past administration and be doing his anti-graft war impartially.”

The said it would support a transparent and genuine prosecution of financial looters to redeem the image of the nation. But kicked against the witch- hunting of any perceived opponents of the All Progressive Congress.

“We would want Buhari/EFCC to re-visit the case files of persons connected with the massive Halliburton scam”.

According to the statement, the group expressed strong reservation against these selective prosecutions.

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