Believe it or not : DJ Cuppy to marry one of Broda Shaggi, Anthony Joshua

By Ediale Kingsley
It’s a fast peddled rumor — DJ Cuppy in an affair with Broda Shaggy. But how true is it?
Florence Ifeoluwa Otedola, professionally recognized as DJ Cuppy, is a Nigerian disc jockey, singer and producer. While Broda Shaggy, real names Animashaun Samuel Perry, is a comic video skit actor.
How far are the tales and rumor stretched? Well, the latest version of the story has it that the Billionaire, Femi Otedola, is now in a fierce but silent battle with her daughter over the relationship with Mr. Shaggy.
The author of that tale wants us to believe that Daddy Otedola is at loggerhead with her daughter because he doesn’t think Mr. Shaggy is right for her.
What makes the story even more believable is the way the tale curator hangs the story on the fact that this is another extension of the DJ Cuppy’s rebellion to live her life fully as an entertainer against the luxurious life of being the entertained.
And so it was believable, when it circulated on Facebook, many people just consumed and enjoyed the ride until they got to the last paragraph of the story. Where the author exposed her mischief. Apparently, it’s all false and she just wanted to fool her readers.
And she did get a hand full of them. As people are seen in the comment section offering their thoughts and opinions as though the story is real. Perhaps those set of persons didn’t get to the last paragraph.
But here is the full post:
Otedola and his daughter, Dj Cuppy are at loggerheads over her new boyfriend Mr Shaggy. It’s been on for a little while now and the oil mogul in his calm nature is not making any noise about it but his daughter who is fighting every bit of tushness in her to be “Street” in her entertainment world is not taking it lightly as she’s been trying to let her billionaire father know she won’t accept his verdict.
In spite of all their silent tantrums, the gentleman billionaire still fulfills his fatherly duties and connects her Dj daughter to gigs organized by his close cabals.
It was on one of these gigs Dj Cuppy decided to send a message on her wheel of steel while disc jockeying to the pleasure of her father and some other dignitaries present in the occasion.
Dj Cuppy played many songs as soon as the event got to dance on the agenda but she didn’t play for too long till she got to Teni’s hit track “I want to be a billionaire”.
One thing leads to another, the sound of her father’s name in the song gave her some nasty ideas as she kept the line, “Otedola o l’ori meji o, l’ori meji o” in the loop and dashed to the restroom.
Now if you know that song please just sing.
–Otedola o l’ori meji o l’ori meji o hmmmm–
for complete 10 mins.
Wether Billionaire Femi Otedola got the message and allow Dj Cuppy to be “Street” with MR Shaggy I don’t know because me I left the party when the loop didn’t stop 15 mins and counting.
I left you guys still believing this kind of story in some quarter to end 2019 flying to 2020.