Blasphemy: Tweep narrates how he was almost lynched by classmates

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The Lynching of Deborah Samuel by her colleagues has sparked reactions online, while some condemned the attack some took to the account to share the experience they had in relation to blasphemy. A Twitter user named Chinonso went down memory lane and he shared the experience he had when he was a junior secondary school student in Sokoto state.

Chinonso said he has refused to read the posts or comments on the lynching of Deborah because the post-traumatic stress disorder he got from his own experience is still fresh.

Chinonso recalled that when he was in JSS2, his classmates were going to behead him if the Muslim vice principal of their school at that time hadn’t smuggled him out of school, Chinonso noted that this incident happened in 2007, 15 years ago. Chinonso further narrated that he was 13 at that time and the friends that wanted to Lynch him were of the same age as him.

He said the vice principal of the school hid him in his office and tried to calm his friends down but they were not ready to hear. Chinonso said the matter spread beyond the school walls and a mob gathered outside the school threatening to burn the school down if he wasn’t handed over, but luckily for him the vice principal was able to smuggle him out and he was told to never return to the school again.

This is a sad story, thank God this man was able to escape with his life intact. I think this recent incident should make religious leaders enlighten their followers on this issue of blasphemy so that they would be able to understand that what they are doing is not right and lynching is not the solution to blasphemy.