Boeing to begin delivery of 737-Max models by H2 2019

There are indications that Boeing will begin to receive orders and deliver the Boeing 737-Max models before the end of 2019.

According to a recent report, the Chief Executive Officer of Honeywell International Inc, Darius Adamczyk, said expectation for Boeing‘s delivery of the 737-Max models is the second half of 2019.

Boeing had received airspace ban from more than 50 countries, including Nigeria, after its upgraded 737-Max 8 aircraft, which Ethiopian Airlines uses, crashed, killing all 157 passengers and crew on board. This happened five months after Lion Air, another Boeing Max model, crashed, also killing all 189 passengers and crew.

Boeing also froze the delivery of any Boeing 737-Max 8-10, after the public outcry, in order to detect the fault, which investigators have since identified as Boeing‘s MCAS which forces the nose of the upgraded Max model downward; causing it to crash.

Now, Adamczyk has disclosed that a resolution is expected in the second quarter. According to him, others are also expectant as well.

“Just about everybody expects a resolution in the second quarter. We think that’s a terrific aircraft that’s going to be back up and flying in the second half of the year.”

Boeing’s aim to beat rival, Airbus, led to Boeing 737 Max 8 crashes: The plane crashes that occurred in Indonesia and Ethiopia within a space of five months were blamed on the rush manufacturing of the Boeing 737 Max 8. Boeing was said to have allegedly reduced the timeframe for the production of the Boeing737 after American Airlines, an exclusive Boeing customer, placed an order.

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The genesis of the Boeing 737 crashes: American Airlines had called Boeing to inform the jet manufacturer of its intention to order for A320neo, fuel-efficient jets from Boeing‘s rival, Airbus, which is also a leading aircraft maker. And in order not to lose sales to Airbus, Boeing was said to have fastened the manufacturing process and upgrade of Boeing 737.

Boeing earlier disclosed that its Max models are not suitable for some airports: American planemaker, Boeing, had earlier disclosed that its controversial 737-Max models are not suitable for all kinds of airports.

The disclosure was made back in 2017 while Boeing was testifying during a case brought before the US International Trade Commission. According to the company, the Boeing 737-Max 8, 9, and 10 models, which are upgrades of Max 7, are unfit for airports with high elevation and shorter runways.