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Change comes with pains and sacrifice — Tinubu



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All Progressive Congress (APC) National Leader Alhaji Ahmed Asiwaju Bola Tinubu told Nigerians that Change in government always  come with pains and sacrifice.
According to him, no pain, no gain as he   urge Nigerians to be patient with their leaders.
Tinubu who was also a former Governor of Lagos State was in Kaduna to flag -off the State Cab Scheme  said Nigerians have witnessed massive change within the last 5-6 months of APC leadership in the country.
He pointed out that Nigerians now believe their is government in the country.
He said since the victory of APC in the last general election Kaduna Cab scheme was his first assignment to commissioned.
” I salute Governor El-Rufai for this bold initiative and I challenge him to quickly increase the number of the cabs. Kaduna suddenly is blessed with a performer, a trailblazer and a committed governor.
” This time, no longer the accidental civil servant, but rather a prepared governor whose experience, knowledge and deep understanding of good governance can be brought to bear in governing the Kaduna people.
” I am sure the last 5-6 months have convinced many Kaduna residents that they are indeed in capable hands. That a new sheriff is in town. One who will stop at nothing to make Kaduna excel.
” Change comes with pain  and sacrifice. Like they say, no pain, no gain. I therefore urge for patience on the part  of the Kaduna people. This governor will deliver Kaduna.
“This government is your government and you must support it to succeed. The journey needs team work and patience. We have seen evidences that a new Kaduna is being born in line with the Change agenda of our party, the All Progressives Congress,” he said.
Earlier, Governor Nasir El-Rufai said
the cab scheme is a means of creating jobs and empowering owner-drivers in the state.
” We hope that many of our young people will find owning and running their own taxi cab a fulfilling business.  Our taxi cab scheme is a business. It is not an exercise in political patronage.
“It is one of the platforms being created to empower the industrious and the hard working among our youth. Aside from the 10% deposit each of the pioneer owner-drivers of the Kaduna Cabs have made, they will pay for the full value of the cars in monthly instalments.  The repayment will be concluded in 36 months,”