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Christmas: Poultry farmers, customers decry high cost of fowls



Christmas: Poultry farmers, customers decry high cost of fowls
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The Poultry Association of Nigeria (PAN) has decried high cost of fowls, attributing it to high inflation rate and the aftermath of COVID-19 on its members, among other factors.

Mr Abiola Abiodun, the Chairman of PAN, Ibadan Zone I and a Vice President in Oyo State, spoke on Thursday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Ibadan.

Abiodun said though, prices of fowl had increased significantly compared to 2021, it was due to the lingering issues affecting the industry.

He decried the adverse effect of inflation on the industry in addition to high cost of feeds, among other hardships facing the industry.

According to him, old layers go for between N3000 and N3500 per one, while fowl ranges from N7000 to N10,000 depending on sizes.

“All these are because of inflation in the country. When there is too much money in circulation and fewer products to buy, the producer will increase the cost of their products.

“This is the bottom line of everything. The cost of production for farmers is very high and also the problem of COVID-19 is having a residual effect.

“Most farmers are transferring the cost and besides, the number of chickens available for the festive period is not much as it used to be,” he said.

Also, Mrs Muyibat Aina, a fowl seller at Iyana Church, Ibadan, said that business has not been as usual as many people turned back immediately they heard the cost of a fowl.

“We did not add too much profit on the fowl because they were already expensive from where we purchased them.

“I do hope things will be different a day or two to Christmas Day,” Aina said.

Commenting, a customer, Mr Bolu Adeaga, said he had to buy the fowl at an exorbitant price because he needed to give his family a treat.


“Honestly, I doubt if many people can buy fowl considering the price.

“One of the sellers I patronised in time past said she couldn’t afford to sell fowl this year due to a hike in price,” Adeaga said.

Also, Miss Matilda Oyewole, said she got a fowl for a friend at N10,000 per one, adding that it was a big size, hence she settled for the price.

Oyewole said she could not imagine many families buying fowl at this price, considering the low purchasing power of many households due to the present economic hardship.

In his reactions, Alhaji Abdulah Yesuf, a Poultry farmer in Ibadan, said that blamed the current economic hardship for the high price of fowls during the festive season.

Yesuf said that this had affected sales as many customers turned back immediately they heard about the price because they could not afford it.

He also attributed high cost of fowls to exorbitant price of poultry feed, saying that the feed that cost between N3,000 and N3,500 last year were being sold at N8,500 and N9,000 per bag of 25kg.

Also, Sunday Michael, another farmer, in Ojo area of Ibadan, said that he decided not to venture into the business in 2022, because of his experience in 2021.

Michael said that in 2021, he ran into huge debts as a result of sudden hike in poultry feeds, adding that this experience forced him and many others out of business.

He, also said that the insecurity challenge as a result of incessant attacks on the farmers and spate of kidnapping of many forced the farmers out of business.

Reacting, Mrs Mary Odewale, a fowl seller at Basorun area of Ibadan, said that old layer goes for N3,500 per bird and that people have been buying them.

Odewale said that sales were not moving as expected as Christmas was few days away.

Also, Mr Adeoluwa Ademola, another fowl seller at General Gas area, said that a big size of fowl goes for N10,500 and N15,000, if one was to buy a good one.


“Some people have been patronising us though, not encouraging as one expected, considering that Christmas is a big celebration,” Ademola said.

In her reactions, Mrs Agnes Ayanfe, another fowl seller said people come in ones or twos unlike in the past years when crowds besieged market to buy fowl.

“We are still hopeful since Christmas is few days away that things will change for good,” Ayanfe said.