CJN Onnoghen brings back retired Justice Salami

A retired president of the Court of Appeal, Ayo Salami, will head a committee to monitor corruption cases in Nigerian court.
In a statement by its spokesperson, Soji Oye, the NJC said Mr. Salami will head a 15-member committee for the task.
“The Committee’s primary functions include;
Regular monitoring and evaluation of proceedings at designated courts for financial and economic crimes nationwide.
Advising the Chief Justice of Nigeria on how to eliminate delay in the trial of alleged corruption cases.
Giving feedback to the Council on progress of cases in the designated courts, conduct background checks on judges selected for the designated courts; Evaluating the performance of the designated courts,” Mr. Oye said. 
Salami was retired from the judiciary by former President Goodluck Jonathan administration following a fight between Salami and the then CJN Katsina Alu over election tribunals.