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Clergyman urges Nigerians use bicycles, trek more to adjust to petrol subsidy removal



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The President of Nigerian Baptist Convention and President All Africa Baptist Fellowship, Reverend Israel Akanji, has advised Nigerians to adjust to the rise in transportation cost after the removal of petrol subsidy by President Bola TInubu by using bicycles and trekking more as alternative transportation means.
He enjoined the Federal Government to provide palliatives to mitigate the hardship caused by the removal of oil subsidy on the citizens.

Reverend Israel Akanji, at a four-day retreat for about 37 Conference Presidents of the church from all parts of the country, in Ilorin, Kwara State, emphasized that the removal of fuel subsidy could be an advantage for the country if there is effective diversification.
Reverend Israel Akanji had stated: “The hardship about movement these days should promote more walking. Many people if it is one kilometre they cannot walk, they will want a vehicle. If it is two kilometres they cannot walk, they will want a vehicle at all times. I think we should walk more now.
“We should again promote the usage of bicycles, so where it is three kilometres, you just discover that you are there in no time. You will see that you spend less using bicycle than using petrol with your car. If you are a journalist you can carry your camera by your side on a beautiful bicycle, you ride five kilometres, you are there and at the end of the day your body is better.
“So, I think that what is happening should be to our advantage as a nation. We will encourage our own people to let them know that we should diversify, not use just one means, where we can walk, let’s walk, where we can trek let’s trek.”

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