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Couple arrested for abandoning baby at airport check-in point



Couple arrested for abandoning their baby at airport check-in point
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A couple with Belgian passports, who abandoned their baby at the check-in desk in Israel’s Ben-Gurion airport before rushing to board a flight to Brussels have been detained by police.

According to Daily Mail UK on Wednesday, the incident happened at the airport in Tel Aviv after the pair arrived with Belgian passports and tickets for a Ryanair flight to the Belgian capital, but did not have a boarding pass for their child.

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When they were told by airport staff that they couldn’t board without purchasing a separate ticket, they simply left the child in its pushchair at the check-in desk and proceeded to get on their next flight.

Airport staff however noticed the lone pushchair and discovered the abandoned baby underneath.

Before they could get on the flight, the parents were stopped and told to go collect their baby. The police arrested them and detained them for questioning.


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