COVID vaccines suppress human immune system, cause cancer – Expert

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A senior research scientist at MIT, Stephanie Seneff, in a paper, Ph.D., exposed how a mechanism of COVID vaccine jabs resulted in the suppression of the innate immune system, including how the suppression cause cancer in people after receiving the coronavirus vaccines.

Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., at MIT for over five decades, has been discusses her latest work on “Innate Immune Suppression by SARS-CoV-2 mRNA Vaccinations. The Role of G-quadruplexes, Exosomes and MicroRNAs,” co-authored with Dr. Peter McCullough, as well as Dr. Greg Nigh and Dr. Anthony Kyriakopoulos, giving details of the differences between the spike protein and the COVID jab spike protein.

The authors in a non-peer-reviewed research paper published last week on the preprint service Authorea, they revealed deep findings on the mechanisms of the COVID jabs, how they absolutely, in no way, shape or form, are safe or effective. They declared: “the shots actually suppress your innate immune system.”

Seneff had stated: “I think McCullough is fantastic and I’m so happy to have him collaborate with me.

“I really hope we will be able to find a journal that is willing to publish it. We may have to seek some kind of alternative media to get it published.

“It’s really incredible the amount of censorship that’s going on right now. I’m in a state of shock all the time. I just keep thinking it’s not going to get any worse, and it’s truly going to get better, and it just seems to keep on getting worse and worse.

“I don’t know where the end is. It’s very discouraging … Pharma has so much money behind [them] and they’ve got it all set up to make sure that nothing gets past them …

“We’re hoping to put it up as a preprint, but … remarkably, they can reject it at the level of preprint as well. We’re working on that angle, but it’s not easy. When you’re writing something this radical, they really fight hard to keep it off the web.”

On Jan. 16, 2022, the pre-print service Authorea published this paper on its website, assigning it a Digital Object Identifier, thus making it official.

Seneff said that looking at the various databases for adverse effects, “you can see an exceptionally strong safety signal, lamenting: “and the COVID shot developers know that.”

She stated that “the numbers are out of sight,” asserting that this goes for all levels of side effects, from mild to catastrophic.

Seneff in her study of the cancer data, observed that on average, there are twice as many reports of cancer after receiving the COVID vaccines compared to all other vaccines combined over the last 31 years.

According to Seneff: “It’s just amazing, because it’s overall two times [higher]. Breast cancer, for example, is three times [higher] for these vaccines in one year, as they are for all the other vaccines for 31 years. It’s a hugely strong signal,”

“Lymphoma is also showing up much more frequently with these [COVID shots]. There’s just an amazing signal there in VAERS [the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System].”

That the signal is that strong poses very high risk in the society because most people don’t think the COVID vaccine jab could be a variable in the cause of their cancer emergence, so they never report it. Yet, governments across the world have continued to force citizens to take coronavirus vaccines, issuing threats against those who reject the vaccines.

Thus, Seneff expressed, “It puzzles me that they’re willing to do such damage to the health of the whole population of the world. I don’t understand that degree of evilness,”

Seneff and her team asserted that “the shots suppress your innate immune system by inhibiting type-1 interferon.” Seneff and McCullough in a study in Indian, found that human cells grown in a culture were exposed to the DNA nanoparticles that instruct them to make SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, much like the COVID vaccine jabs do.

According to the analysis, the cell strain is called HEK-293. These are cells that were taken from the kidneys of an aborted fetus in the 1980s and are frequently used in research. While taken from the kidneys, these cells have neuron-like properties. When programmed to make spike protein, these cells release that spike protein inside exosomes, lipid nanoparticles, inside which the spike protein is packaged.

The analysis further demonstrated that Exosomes act as a communication network for cells. When a cell is under stress, it releases exosomes containing some of the molecules that are stressing it. “So, in the case of the COVID shots, the exosomes contain spike protein and microRNA.

“MicroRNAs are signaling molecules that are able to influence cell function. “They cause the cell to change its behavior or metabolism. Typically, they do this by suppressing certain enzymes,” the researchers declared.

Seneff subsequently, asserted: “I think the exosomes are probably quite a bit smaller. The vaccine particles are bigger. They’re more like an LDL particle. The vaccine particles have cholesterol in their membrane, and they have lipoprotein. So, they’re made to look like an LDL particle.

“But then they throw in this cationic lipid, which is really, really toxic — a synthetic cationic lipid that makes it positively charged. Experimentally, they’ve found that this lipid, when the particle is taken up by the cell, is released into the cytoplasm, [where] that mRNA then makes spike protein.

“[The COVID shots] are very cleverly designed, both in terms of protecting the RNA from getting broken down, and in terms of making the RNA be very efficient at making spike protein. It’s very different from the mRNA that the virus makes, even though it codes for the same protein.”

There have been reports of adverse effects of coronavirus vaccines in several countries if the world, which governments have ignored while enforcing vaccine mandates. The mandate is also being protested in several countries in Europe, including various states in the U.S.

Source: The Defender