Dear Omoni: I put myself in your husband’s shoes

Dear Omoni,
Many want to be in your place. How do you manage it? You have a splendid body. Some awesome career. And a great family. Specifically you are married to the father of your three kids. Very rare in Nollywood.
So well done.
Your post on Instagram gathered some uproar as it also attracted praises. The juicy pic of you and RMD killing it on top of what looks like a kitchen table.
The kiss. The exposed laps. The drama. The personalities. The pic is tantalizing.
So delicious that fans of RMD have penciled you for beating. They will beat you up in their dreams. For having their darling actor.
I put myself in the shoes of your husband. Quickly I left the shoes. It’s not a shoe for me. That’s all I will say.
But others didn’t just admit to that and keep their opinion to themselves. Comments flew in. In their hundreds. They voiced their disgusts:
“You could have just posted this pic on your production page. It’s wrong for you to have it on the same personal page you host pics of your hubby and kids”
“How can a married woman do like this”
“Stop breaking people’s homes. This is too bad. He is a married man. No wonder many celebrity marriages don’t last”
…they went on and on.
You tried educating them that it’s just acting. But they wouldn’t take that. They are vexed the more. And I just wondered why they are crying for the spouses.
At least, Jumobi (RMD’s wife) isn’t coughing a word. She’s in her lane. And understand this is business (I think).
If RMD agreed to play the role. Well, you have some right to use the pics as you deem fit (I guess).
Especially, when you consider RMD isn’t taking peanuts for the rendered services. RMD won’t take anything less than a million naira. He probably took N5m for this.
That money must have alerted Mrs. RMD’s (Jumobi) phone — assuming they have a joint account.
And she knows it’s all for business. Acting is a make belief art. People who can stomach issues like this are the ones that should consider getting married to actors.
I do not think I am strong enough for such. It’s a weakness. Not strength, cos really it takes courage to understand that your wife is doing this for the art.
I can’t help it. The other day, some video surfaced Instagram. Where StarBoy is captured playfully spanking StarGirl’s butt.
Like Skibii puts it, ‘that’s what star do’.
I know it’s just a butt smack. It’s not as if Wizzy is taking the butt away. But please, spare me. I can’t. I can’t marry people like Tiwa.
I don’t have the head and heart for the associated emotional depression.
Remember, I agree it’s a weakness on my part. I know my weakness. But I am also unfair. Cos I can be that husband that sees nothing wrong with me kissing in a movie scene.
Yeah, selfish me.
Selfish us — Nigerian men.
Little wonder bros RMD agrees with darling wife to quit the media and screens. But bros is the Micheal Jackson of lips dancing.
We are like that. I am in that shoe.
Some guys are different though. Like your hubby is a cool guy. Dude has no business getting worried over what you do in your film world.
That keeps him healthy. And also keeps the relationship sound.
You agreed with a commenter, that this is for promotion and publicity purposes. That stuff like this will make the needed noise. And the needed noise will make people go see the movie when it hits the cinemas.
I wish you well. It’s tough making money. It’s your hustle. I can’t even judge you. Whatever legally puts food on your table should be encouraged.
When are you kissing Wizkid in your film? Or Tuface? Trust me it will also raise the needed dusts.
I have one more matter to trash with you. That’s for another day though. I want to understand that story well enough before sending you that letter.
It’s about the Copy Right Infringement on Okafors Law movie. It’s claimed that the script was stolen.
Well lets do that some other time.
Your Lips Of Fire spotter,
PS: Bros RMD though — that’s how Regina Askia covered him in a bottle that year.