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Disquiet over PDP’s self-defeatist suit against Tinubu/Shettima at Supreme Court



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There is emerging disquiet over perceived self-defeatist suit the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) filed against the newly elected President, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, and the vice president, Kashim Shettima, on double nomination of Shettima for the 2023 elections.
A concerned stakeholder in Nigeria expressed discontentment that the PDP always lack strategy.
The stakeholder scolded the PDP for not engaging strategic thinkers to guide the party in power contest. This, the stakeholder said, would lead the party into extinction, if not checked.
According to the stakeholder, “if the PDP do not change and embrace strategic thinkers in their rank and file across the country, and especially at the national level, they will become extinct in a few years time. He cautioned that money and might cannot win war without good strategy.
“And, in every venture, strategy is more of a critical ally than money or might. As important as money and might are, they can’t win a war on their own without strategy.”
The stakeholder lamented: “How can a party with a national legal adviser and with all its years in politics present a feeble case of this nature before the court and expect to win.
“It is already a settled matter at the Supreme Court that you cannot become a party to a suit if you don’t have direct interest in it or in the case of a party, if you are not from the same party, yet, PDP filled the case expecting to win.
“Ignorant of the law is deadlier than a grenade. It will not only kill you, it will also kill everyone associated with you.”
He declared: “PDP could have made entreaties to some APC presidential aspirants who were aggrieved with the way the primary went and struck an agreement with them to take the case to court and they could have easily won the case.
“Only PDP could tell why they took the route they took, knowing it would end in a painful but expected end for them.”
He noted that a look at the falling numbers of PDP Governors across the state shows how fast the PDP is fading and dwindling in the country’s politics.
The PDP had challenged the nomination of Shettima for senatorial election in Borno State before he was picked by Tinubu as running mate for the presidential election. However, the APC after Tinubu chose Shettima as vice presidential candidate, replaced Shettima with another senatorial candidate at the INEC headquarters.
The Supreme Court had in its judgement dismissed the suit, saying that the PDP has no locus standi in the suit, for not being a member of the APC, or an aspirant in the APC primary election.

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