Edo 2020: Oshiomhole suffers ‘internal political bleeding’, ambush against Obaseki backfires

The former national chairman of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Adams Oshiomhole, may currently be undergoing a bitter wrangle over the battle for the soul of Edo State in the September 19 governorship election. There are indicators that the former APC chairman may be suffering seeming ‘internal political bleeding’ losing crucial support bases to incumbent Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and hypothetically, affecting the election fortune of Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, APC candidate.   

The APC candidate and the former chairman encountered unexpected humiliation from traditional rulers in Esan Land in Edo Central on Monday. Besides, some other silent discontent APC leaders who have been passive in the electioneering campaign of Ize-Iyamu include two former Governors of Edo State, Chief Odigie-Oyegun and Professor Osunbor. National Daily inquiry found that the two former governors had earlier declared their support for Governor Obaseki before his defection from APC to PDP. They are still standing by their words and have not been participating in Ize-Iyamu’s campaign.

National Daily learnt that Oshiomhole suffered a devastating setback when one of his former aides, Andrew Momodu, dumped the APC for the PDP. Momodu did not only decamp from APC to PDP, he further donated N5 million to Obaseki’s campaign. National Daily also learned that Momodu further promised to deliver 6,000 votes from the polling units within his constituency to Obaseki.

Oshiomhole had earlier laid ambush for Obaseki, poaching the governor’s appointees, which were attributed to the reported resignation of some political appointees from the state government and their defection from the PDP to the APC. The pendulum appears to be swinging in the opposite direction now. The former chairman’s men are beginning to voluntarily dump the APC for the PDP and supporting incumbent Governor Obaseki.

Moreover, National Daily gathered that the traditional ruler of Anwain Kingdom in Etsako East Local Government Area, Edo North, the Eramah Anwian, His Royal Majesty, Mufutairu Oare, has promised incumbent Governor Obaseki the support of the people in his kingdom. The royal father was said to have made the promise when Governor Obaseki visited his palace on Tuesday during the PDP campaign in the wards of the local government.

“Mr. Governor, we are assuring you that you are at home. This community road has been a disaster for over a thousand years until your intervention.

“We were cut off from Edo State until you gave us a good road that integrated us back as members of the state. We cannot forget such a gesture,” the royal father was cited to have declared. He affirmed that the time to compensate Obaseki for his good works have come.


  1. Obaseki is dreaming! Edo no be Rivers, defeating POI alone in a free contest is huge task to Obaseki and PDP, not to talk of Force’s join with that of Osho movements, APC and PMB, 19 of September will decide, Edo people will decide, we are watching a movie and I can tell you, this is just episode 1 of season 1, mack my word.

    Writing by Federal government of Nigeria.
    Screen play by APC and Osho movements.
    Directed by Inec.
    Marketed and Distributed by All social media, Electronic, Print and co.
    Get ready for the block buster thriller.

  3. Obaseki will surely win this forthcoming election. Godwin Obaseki is people’s choice.
    Iyamu critics by Oshiomole is still fresh in the memory of Edo electorate

  4. Obaseki is people’s choice. Obaseki will surely win the forthcoming election.
    Iyamu critics by Oshiomole is still fresh in the memory of Edo electorate. It is done already

  5. Yes the Edo peoples are not fools pres. Buhari APC and oshomole are not God.they can even die before then. The believe in federal might and security brutality. But God is watching them. Believe me all of them may not live to direct the election come sept. 19. So shall it be in Jesus name Amen.

  6. osho is not God. the God we serve wil disgrace him. he can not decide this election for Edo state except God. obaseki should try and be motivatin the security personel in Edo state money. I pray God should help him win the election.

  7. We are ready for oshomole and jagaban. This is just the beginning, they ll regret the day their mother gave birth to them. Edo State remain the same, we are not Yoruba’s. The problem we are facing in this country today was caused by the Yoruba’s. Bunch of betrayals. They want to turn Edo State to their kitchen. Tinibu leave Edo State alone, continue to jagaban in Lagos State, where you have turn the state resources to ur personal property.

  8. It only a fool that will think APC will win the Edo election come September 19.. They should test their popularity by having a free and fair election not resulting to election malpractices and see how they will be floored by the PDP.
    But above all God is the giver of power so he will decide

  9. Obaseki ought have had oshiomole arrested by now. That man is law breaker and thinks he can make stupid statements and get away with it. A man who talks before he thinks