Egypt F. A. to Salah: No player is greater than the team 

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Mohamed Salah and the Egyptian FA are involved in a furious stand-off following his demands for preferential treatment while on international duty.

Salah had called on the governing body to provide more protection from fans while with the national team due to supporters disturbing him in the middle of the night demanding autographs.

But despite Salah’s pleas, the EFA have hit back at the Liverpool forward and rejected his demands through a letter sent to him.

In the letter obtained by The Sun, the Egyptian FA wrote: ‘Please be advised that any player selected to represent the Association is treated fairly, equally and with respect by both the EFA and the management of the team.

‘Whilst you see fit to quote Thomas Jefferson in your correspondence, please be reminded: ‘No player is greater than the game, or the team that he represents.

‘Football is a team game and not a result of the efforts of any one individual.’

The letter would then go on to criticise Salah’s demands, stating that while he is a valuable member of the squad, his needs to not exceed that of his international team-mates.

The EFA added their appreciation for Salah should not be ‘construed in any way whatsoever as being a reason for him to be singled-out for special and preferential treatment, as requested by you in your letter.’

‘For the record we would advise that the EFA qualified for the World Cup as a result of the efforts of the Egyptian Team and management, and not as a result of the efforts of any individual player.

‘Any player selected to represent his country is treated equally and does not and will not receive special privileges above any other player.

‘Your contention that the Association has disrespected Mr Salah whilst on international duty is treated with the contempt that it deserves.’

Salah is the main focus of attention while with Egypt and as well as autograph requests at unsociable hours, he finds himself mobbed during training sessions, with exercises disrupted by crowds descending on the pitch.

Salah has requested top officials at the EFA to resign should the issue not be resovled – risking his international future in the process.

Ramy Abbas Issa, acting as Salah’s lawyer has sent many letters to the organisation with a list of demands that include having two security guards with him at all times, with more situated outside his hotel room and at the lifts on the floor he is staying on, while all calls to his room must be blocked.

Issa also writes that his client ‘will not be expected to be made available for any promotional appearances, interviews, meets and greets, sponsor events, official visits,’ to promote the national team.

He also urges the EFA to take more discreet measures when Salah arrives in the country for international duty, providing transport from his plane directly to his hotel.