Exposed: What Ekweremadu is hiding about his attack, attackers

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Sen. Ike Ekweremadu knew the reason some IPOB members mugged him in Nuremberg, Germany, last weekend—though he wouldn’t say it.

But another prominent politician in the southeast has revealed the attackers and their motivations.

According to Osita Okechukwu, Igbo youth forced out of Nigeria only to end up as flotsams and jetsams in Germany are the mastermind of the former deputy Senate president’s humiliation in Nuremberg.

And their grouse: The Youth Vocational Centers Ekweremadu mismanaged as constituency projects, and the senator’s stupendous wealth the EFCC just uncovered around the world.

“Whereas I join thousands of patriots in condemning the assault of my brother, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, however it seems more or less like a paradox,” the APC chieftain said in Enugu Tuesday.

“A careful perusal of the comments from the viral video gazetted angry young men, many of who could have remained in Nigeria, if Senator Ekweremadu had prudently executed his constituency projects. For instance, where are the Youth Vocational Centers he presided over?”

The director-general of the Voice of Nigeria added the attackers maybe aware of the humongous properties Senator Ekweremadu is alleged to own both at home and abroad, properties which case is still subsisting with anti-graft agencies.

“This is enough to incite any discernible group. The world is now a global village. Methinks they’re not happy of their forced exit from Nigeria.”