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Fake Uber drivers kidnap, rape, murder passengers in U.S



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No fewer than five women have been sexually assaulted and one murdered by criminals faking Uber drivers across 10 states in the U.S. on Wednesday.
The National Daily gathered from a news report monitored on Rossen Report, a television station based in the U.S., that the attackers pose every way like Uber drivers, using fake logos of the transport company to trick their victims.
Cases have been reported in Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Los Angeles, New York, Rhode Island, and Louisiana.
In the report, a woman gave a brief account of how one of the fake Uber drivers sexually assaulted her for three hours after picking her up in front of a night club in L.A.
Sketches of four of the criminals have been released, and cops are out to track them down.
In Nigeria, bandits have also exploited the solo nature of Uber commuting to kidnap, rob, and extort passengers.

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