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Falz to die by hanging



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  • Falz to die by hanging

    …his sins, for daring to dance shaku shaku with the Hijab

    From becoming a viral success to being featured on CNN as well as getting nods from A-list personalities, including P Diddy. Falz the Bad Guy has done quite good.

    All he had to do was get inspired by Childish Gambino. Whose fascinations were depressed for the ills in the American society, for which he went ahead to make a song and a creative video for. And alas, This Is America is born.

    This is Nigeria followed and the maker, Folarin Folana (Falz for short), is getting the accolades and the heat.

    There are some who didn’t like the video:

    Then there are those who didn’t like how the Hijab was used in the video:

    But essentially we have to agree that Falz has done something worthy of mention.

    Somewhere on Facebook, Ediale Kingsley, Desk head, entertainment and sports, National Daily, had his opinion:

    I hear people are going nuts over Falz use of the girls in hijab to dance shaku shaku in his video. They felt it was degrading.

    So what do we say with clowns and comedians who have used the Priests Robe or Choir Uniform in the past for such artistic representations?

    Also, I want to know if the hijab is trademarked and patented only for religious use?

    Informed debate, here, please.

    I, Ediale, have respected men and women as close friends who are Muslims. I am in no way against their ways and belief. The keywords have always been respect and regard.

    My opinion though on this matter is simple: Falz was in his own religion – music. And he wanted to communicate in creative languages. The original version of that same song, This Is America, Childish Gambino actually had a group of choristers, in their robes, fired. Yea he sprayed an AK47 on them. While they performed.

    This Is Nigeria, Falz used girls in Hijab, they danced on stage Shaku Shaku. And this was his own message material.

    The first one wanted to show how American is killing righteous and innocent black people. Through her white supremacists.

    The second one wants to show how in recent times the lives of the innocent girls from the north have been played upon. He was creatively pointing to Boko Haram menace.

    Now we should be very angry. That’s what both songs want. But where we channel that anger to shouldn’t be at any of the musicians. They are just creative popes and imams preaching with what they have as channel and podium.

    We may direct our anger to the real degradation. Those who kidnap girls in hijab to go marry them, go torture them, go enslave them, and rape them physically and socially.

    The girls in Falz videos are vixens and the Hijab therein are costumes. The girls, some of them still in captivity, with Boko Haram are real Muslims and their Hijabs are not costumes. They are real. And they are captured and raped.

    That is where the anger should go.

    I, a Christian, voted GEJ out because he danced Shaku Shaku with the lives of the Chibok girls. I am also voting PMB out for the lives slaughtered by the herdsmen.

    I have no regrets about my action because the true religion should be about having values for lives. Especially when they are innocent children, women and vulnerable poor persons who can’t protect themselves. Our leaders are responsible for protecting the lives of the citizens.

    #ThisIsAmerica and #ThisIsNigeria have come to be the creative medium of activisms. Let’s not kill the preachers for mentioning the societal sins in their sermons. Let us rather have effective debates that will lead to lasting solutions.

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