Fear of bandits: Sen. Shehu Sani shares a mockery experience in Abuja-Kaduna train


Senator Shehu Sani has ridiculed the security crisis in Nigeria which has created fears in prominent Nigerians, including retired Army Generals.

The senator subtly mocked the federal government for inability to bring the rising insecurity in northern Nigeria under control. The Senator narrated how he was accosted by a citizen while riding in the Abuja – Kaduna train as alternative transport means between Abuja and Kaduna since bandits have made the highway unsafe for travellers.  The senator made the Nigerian know that he was not the only high profile Nigerian traveling by train in that journey and that he had a retired Major General beside him.

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Senator Sani in a twee @ShehuSani wrote in pidgin: “One man see me inside train from Kaduna to Abuja, he come shout say “Ah even you Senator  dey join train?”; I come look am for face, and say “Ahh my Brother, The man next to me be Major Genera;”. The General raise head, look am, Before I say Puff Adder, the man done vermose.”

Apparently, Senator Sani has exposed how bandits operating on the highway have forced high profile Nigerians to abandon the use of the road and resorted to train ride between Abuja and Kaduna. Who wan die?