FIFA is tightening the noose around recalcitrant clubs

By Esther Egbe
FIFA has just issued a new set of Regulations, which in effect bans the disgusting concept of “grace periods” and from 1 June 2018, every player must be paid a salary, unless a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) makes specific allowance for it.
National Daily gathered that where a club fails to pay a player for two months, the failure of the club creates an “automatic termination” of the contract if the player so desires.
The new decree also outlines the precise “calculation of compensation” due to a player and clubs can’t come up with their own structure to calculate outstanding compensation.
FIFA will also introduce a “faster method” of disciplinary action where a club fails to comply with an “order” to pay a player. FIFA will now have the power to sanction a “recalcitrant club”.