Finally, Coronavirus Cure : Why some nations are refusing the vaccines

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Scientists at Israel’s Institute for Biological Research have announced that the are making significant breakthrough in understanding the coronavirus. It is also expected that the completion of the vaccine of the coronavirus will be announced in a few days time by the Israeli Institute for Biological Research.
Medical sources have reported that Israeli scientists have achieved a significant breakthrough in understanding the coronavirus. This breakthrough have ensured that antibodies and vaccines are produced for people already infected with the virus and for people who are not infected.
 Iran has the biggest outbreak of the coronavirus outside China. Iran have diagnosed about 10 thousand cases of the coronavirus with about one thousand cases in the past 24 hours.
 Iran has a ban on all products produced in Israel and the use of Israeli products in Iran is forbidden. This brings up the question, will Israeli vaccines for the coronavirus be accepted for use in Iran?
 Makarem Shirazi who is a senior Islamic cleric in Iran have approved the use of Israeli vaccines. Talk about desperate times.
 Before now, Iran have banned all Israeli products and refer to Israel as the Zionist regime.


  1. So now the Iranians think they are wise,
    Bcus they need help in saving their lives they would now accept product from israel