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Fix water challenges — Group urges FG



Fix water challenges — Group urges FG
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The Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter, has called on the government to address water challenges in the country to aid in building resilient cities.

In a statement to commemorate this year’s World Water Day, the association underscored the pivotal role of water in fostering peace and stability within communities and nations.

The 2024 World Water Day had the theme “Water for Peace”.

It stated, “Water is not only a fundamental human right but also a vital element for fostering peace and harmony among nations and within societies.

Access to clean water is indispensable for maintaining public health, ensuring food security, supporting economic development, and mitigating conflicts arising from water scarcity.

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“As engineers, professionals, and advocates of SDG6, we recognize the urgent need to address the challenges facing water resources management, including pollution, scarcity, inequitable access, and climate change impacts.

By promoting sustainable water practices, equitable distribution, and innovative technologies, we can contribute to building resilient communities and promoting peace and prosperity for all.”

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