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Former APC chieftain reveals Tinubu secret, health status



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A former APC Chieftain, Najaatu Muhammad has given shocking reasons why  the party’s  flagbearer, Bola Tinubu can’t  be president.

Muhammad in an interview monitored by National Daily, revealed that the former Lagos State Governor has serious dementia, and cannot make meaningful conversation without the assistance of his aides.

“I sat with him for two hours in London.  When you talk of green, he will give you an answer of red.  He can’t even decipher. He has very serious dementia, I believe he has Alzheimer’s because he cannot even hold a cup of tea“.

According to her, Tinubu does not have the presence of mind to be the president of Nigeria.

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Mohammad, who is not known to pull her punches when it comes to making public comments, announced her resignation from the Tinubu campaign on Saturday.

In a resignation letter as the Director of Civil Society in the Presidential Campaign Council of the ruling APC addressed to the National Chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, she said recent developments in the political and democratic space have made it impossible for her to continue participating in party politics.

She stated that the challenges facing the country today “require me to continue championing the struggle for a better country with a clear conscience as I remain absolutely loyal to Nigeria,” adding that the problems required “the consolidated efforts of competent and patriotic leadership across every level of governance.”   But giving more details on what informed her decision to dump the Tinubu campaign, she said that the APC presidential candidate had demonstrated clear symptoms of dementia when she visited him for a private meeting in London.

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She said, “Asiwaju that I sat with for two hours, he slept most of the time. It was Bisi Akande that I was really talking to. Most importantly he is not only physically unfit, he is mentally unfit. It’s not that I hate him.

“If you remove tribal sentiment, if you remove the Lagos/Ibadan press, if Tinubu were not a Yoruba man, he will not dare contest election because they will crucify him, but people are all there to defend him because he is Yoruba, its egbe omo Oduduwa over everything else.

Meanwhile, Mohammad has disclosed that she would be supporting the Peoples Democratic Party candidate, Atiku Abubakar, in the presidential election because he is a lesser evil.

“What I’m saying is, if I have to choose between the devil and the deep sea, I’ll go for the deep sea, I will support Atiku, because over and above everything else, I follow my conscience. I’m not doing it for myself, I’m doing it for God and for my country,” she stated.


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