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Gani Adams blames Igboho



Gani Adams reacts to fuel price increase
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Sunday Adeyemo should take responsibility for his ordeal as Aare Ona Kankanfo Gani Adams blames him for using propagandist tactics that got him into trouble in the agitation for the Yoruba Nation.

According to the OPC leader while pleading with all Yoruba leaders to help the wanted agitator out, most of the methods Adeyemo aka Igboho adopted for the actualisation of the Yoruba Nation are wrong.

“Sunday Igboho should caution his talkative followers so that they won’t put him into trouble,” he said Wednesday as he recalled he efforts he made to correct him.

“You said you wanted to go and open border. That will be the beginning of war. You don’t need to say that. It will be counterproductive.

“You don’t have war materials, you were molesting the Army, counterproductive. You said if 1,000 policemen visited your house, hardly will 100 return. You don’t need all that. Propaganda should not be too much in self-determination.”

Adams said he also warned him about his followers, saying most of them are agents of a Lagos politicians.

Igboho, through his Facebook handler Olayomi Koiki, has boasted in videos and social media posts how the Yoruba youth will invade palaces and politicians’ homes for not lending their voices to breaking Yoruba away from Nigeria.

Videos of Igboho beating his chest he could supply guns for self defence and others were also posted on Koiki media.

Adams has however appealed to the Yoruba leaders not to sacrifice Igboho.

The DSS invaded his home weeks ago, killed two of his aides and arrested 11 others after a gun battle that lasted hours.

He escaped, and the federal government has declared him wanted for stacking up guns, among other exhibits the DSS recovered from his Soka home in Ibadan.