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Gov Ganduje, Aide under fire over insult of Osinbajo



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Several Nigerians have scolded Governor Abdullahi Ganduje and his Media Aide, Salihu Tanko Yakasai, known as Dawisu, over the insult and disrespect for the Office and person of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, who  was relegated to ‘Vice President Academics’ by the Kano political bloc of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Yakasai had on his official Twitter handle, @dawisu, last Wednesday, in response to a tweet by @bhulaskonsult, who inquired: “It seems everyone in Nigeria is in New York for UN Assembly!” indicated: “Vice President (Academics) is still around sir.”

Several Nigerians who took to the Social Media made the following comment – @dondekojo: “Dawisu insults and denigrates SW APC at every turn, yet they keep clapping for him. Ki olorun ma se wa ni eru aye.”

@theofficialFEMI: “On a more serious note, Dawisu not only insulted Osinbajo in that tweet but also the entire South West. This is the second time he has done such publicly. Enough reason for him to lose his job. More than enough reason for SW APC youth wing to report him”.
Others include – @yojora: “As far as I’m concerned, Dawisu is only tweeting the things that reflect the feelings of his boss and his cohorts.”
Again, @theofficialFEMI: “If Dawisu still has a job by weekend then I will completely give up on South West APC.”
@iykimo: “Dawisu is telling you guys what his bosses think about your MCM. Some of us were shouting prior to the 2019 Presidential elections that supporting GMB based on ‘it’s our turn in 2023’ is politically naive. It is like supporting Abacha to handover to you”.
@Abdyusuf1984: “Dawisu tweets here are becoming unbecoming… Imagine him belittling Prof Yemi Osinbajo.”

@Bisoye41307024: “With all due respect, this your tweet is totally out of it, you shouldn’t stand with those that make a mockery of your compatriot, not to even talk of @ProfOsinbajo”.
@MistaChika: “Dawisu called Osinbajo VP Academic and South West APC went mute. In this next level, everyone must protect his meal ticket. If you talk, you are in trouble. It’s playing out already. To thy tent oh South West APC”.
@AsiwajuOladimej: “It is not about El-Rufai. It is about Dawisu who has failed to be sensitive to some critical issues. This is the 2nd time, imagine if Dipo had called PYO VP Academic, just imagine how our own brothers would’ve dragged him. It says a lot about us.”

However, Yakassai had a different view. For @DOlusegun: “If speaking against a Party Leader was considered anti-party activity, I’m sure I would have been expelled for calling Ganduje his rightful name “Gandollar”. Trust me, Dawisu’s insult is a non issue because his opinion doesn’t count. Do not let these niggaz rile you up.”

Many others feel it’s time President Muhammadu Buhari says or does something to restore sanity in his administration.