Greatest defensive midfielder, behold Barca’s best kept secret

By Ediale Kingsley
Someone, somewhere attempted to compare Sergio Busquets to Marco Veratti and that didn’t go well with me. You really can’t make such comparison. Its as baseless as it’s matchless. If it should be debated only a one line pointer would do justice. That one of the two is a god and the other but an Italian midfielder.

Del Bosque, the Spanish coach that led Spain to win 2010 World Cup said and ai agree, “If you watch the whole game, you won’t see Busquets—but watch Busquets, and you will see the whole game.”

So rather than compare. I give you 10 reasons, why Busquets is the best ever defensive midfielder, football game has produced.

1. Busquets has been the secret spine in Barcelona, ever since Pep would introduce and prefer him over Yaya Toure.
2. What Yaya Toure  would do with a Cameroonian ‘agidi’, Busquet did with the Spanish flair. N.B: I know Yaya is from Ivory Coast.
3. No defensive midfielder is a better passer (per accuracy and numbers). No, not one better than Busquest. The old or new Busquets.
4. There are 10 key factors that made Spain win the 2010 World Cup. Busquet  is the 4th.
5. Busquets is not just a footballer who can play. He is a footballer who knows what to play. In a team where possession starts from goal keeper to the goal poacher. There are often 2 number 10s. One in the front. One in the back. Busquets is the GOAT of the back 10.
6. Busquets is the hope that ensures a ball is defensively floating across the defender’s quarters to the mid field quarters.
7. Teams that have gone ahead to play Tiki Taka and failed. Mostly did so because they had creative players up front and midfield but had a rocky no-creative defensive midfielder.
8. Busquets has the best EVER amount of dribbles by a defensive midfielder. While other defensive midfielders would most likely block, intercept and clear. Busquets would block/intercept, dribble and pass.
9. There are trade secrets. While Barca can show you how Tiki Taka works. They will never tell you what makes it work. Busquets is top secret…he is the Xavi at or from the back.
10. Busquets is a machine built to last. A 90 mins light weight player. Very fragile yet indestructible. He seldom goes off for injury. Just touch him. He knows how to fall and get the attention of the Ref.