Griezmann’s sister: My brother is focused on Athletico

Maud Griezmann, sister and representative of Antoine, ensures that the priority of his brother remains his current club.
The life of a European star is not a long calm river, and Antoine Griezmann today tastes all the flavors. A little less than a year after the episode of his aborted transfer to Barcelona, concluded by an extension at Atlético de Madrid (until 2023), the team revealed last Saturday that the interest of Barça for the world champion remained alive, which can not leave insensitive.
Tuesday, the Catalan daily Mundo Deportivo ensured that the entourage of Griezmann had sent signals to the leaders of Barcelona.
C1 elimination, an injury
Contacted on Tuesday, Maud Griezmann, the sister and representative of the Colchoneros striker, insisted: “It’s tiring to read every day new things about what my brother thinks about this and that person saying they know what ‘he thinks. The only people who have been managing my brother’s interests for two years are myself, my father, Alain, and our lawyer, Sevan Karian. Antoine is this week with the France team, which he wants to honor the shirt, as with each selection, and it is for now the only thing he thinks. I, for one, travel to the other side of the world, and I can assure you that nothing is happening right now. ”
Gerard Piqué quips Barça’s interest in Antoine Griezmann (Atlético de Madrid)
Nevertheless, the world champion striker was well affected by the premature elimination, in the knockout stages of the Champions League, against Juventus Turin (2-0, 0-3), as explained in these columns. “That’s right,” concedes Maud Griezmann. Antoine is disappointed by this elimination, since one of his goals posted while staying at Atlético was to win the C 1 in his stadium. But he is the same as his teammates, coach, leaders and supporters. ”
Would that be enough reason to express desires elsewhere, and especially in Barcelona, where he would be welcomed with open arms? “We’ll all see each other to take stock when we get back,” she says. Antoine will have the necessary perspective. And if there is a club we are in contact with right now, it’s Atlético de Madrid and no other. ”