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How my friends defile my daughters — Father



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IT was a chilly narration spiced with undiluted curses on four adults as a father of two toddlers aged between five and three years old narrated how they were brutally defiled by his friends. The four adults went berserk, probably subsumed in an orgy of sexual exploration, and subjected the two toddlers at Fagba area of Lagos to an era of sexual humiliation.
Ayodele Ekundayo, a furniture maker and father of the kids, but now does menial jobs to sustain his children he singlehanded raised after the wife left him for engaging in sexual extravaganza with another man.
Since then, the centre could no longer hold for the Kogi born Ekundayo as things started falling apart. To compound his woes, the landlord ejected him because he could no longer pay for his rent hence he had to beg the manager of security at Kazmus Nigeria Limited to squat  with the kids.
Each time he went out to off-load cement, and after the children had closed from school, they were taken care of by John Mahason, one of the security men in the company.
The suspects Deji Adenekan (39) from Ogun state; Peter Arabu (33) from Edo state; John Mahason (24) from Kogi state and Taye Ojo were paraded by the Commandant, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, (NSCDC), Mr Ayodele Abafi in his office recently.
Condemning the despicable act of the suspects, Abafi explained that a distress call on the 8th November, 2015 from an NGO galvanised in his men swooping on the location on Monday and arrested the suspects.
The kids Shemilogo (3) and Shemilore (5), were brutally molested when he went out to offload cement to a customer. They were always left under the care of his friends whom they do menial job together in Kazmus Nigeria Limited. “I singlehanded raised the children after my wife left me when the youngest was about 8 months old.”
Narrating how he knew about the abuse said, “When I came back from where I went for menial job, Shemilogo was shouting pepper! Pepper!! Pepper!!! She was pointing to her private part. Initially, I thought she used pepper to rob her body. But when she persisted, I began to ask her questions. She removed her pant and lay on the bed shouting pepper and calling Akpako. On inquiry, she told me Akpako inserted his ‘thing’ (penis) into her and also put it in her mouth asking her to leak the water (semens) threatening her with death if he tells anybody.”
“I removed her pant and saw bruises. I asked her who did it?  She mentioned Akpako, Segun, Ejima and John. When I confronted them, Akpako warned me that he will deal with me if I say anything about it.
However, Shemilore, the elder told National Daily that one of the suspects Akpako (Taye Ojo) actually inserted his penis into his Virginia adding that he also inserted it into his mouth and asked her to leak his semen.
One of the suspects, Mahason, a security man at Kazmus Enterprise Nigeria Limited claimed he was innocent of the accusation saying “I am wrongly accused of being a rapist.”
Explained further said, “The father of these children sometimes bring them to stay with me to help take care of them when he was not around. Their father pleaded with my manager of not having accommodation, and they started staying with us. As it is now, people might not believe anything I say except God that knows what actually happened.
“The children know our names because we play with them, cook and take care of them. When this thing happened, they started pointing at us and people just believed what they say. For the past four years, since I finished my school, I have never slept with any girl not to talk of a toddler. Even, if this will take my life, I am innocent. When this thing happened and they asked them, they started pointing at us. I didn’t do what I am being accused of. Never, he confessed.
Another suspect John Arabu, a tiler by profession and married with three kids feigned innocence. “I don’t know anything about the rape. Why will I rape a toddler?” The person that was accused, Segun was not arrested. I have three children why will I sleep with small kid? He asked. If I am free from this allegation, I will give testimony in the church because this is false accusation.”
Deji Adenekan, another suspect said it was one Segun that was fingered by the children. “I will never help somebody again in life if I am free from this accusation. If our oga did not help the parents of the kids, we would have been free from this false accusation,” he explained.
Ayodele Abafi, the NSCDC boss called on all and sundry to join hands in the fight against sexual molestation of toddlers in the state. “This is no longer rape but defilement. We would ensure that justice is done. We have taken them to the Lagos State University Hospital (LASUTH) for examination and will relay on their reports for prosecution.
“How on earth would these individuals be embarrassed sexually? What do they know? We want the state government to come to our aid to ensure that this noxious practice does not escalate in the state.
“The law must take its course. We must appreciate the human rights activist through the efforts of Dr Sholaike. Parents should give birth to the number of children they can take care of. If they must go to work, they should put them at Day Care centres and pay for them. There are bruises in their private part. This is terrible and despicable.”

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