How to keep checking the level of your gas in the cylinder so that you can be prepared to refill

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Sometimes it feels bad when you are just there cooking and all over sudden before you even finish cooking your gas cooker goes off, then when you check your gas cylinder you realize that it is empty and need to be refilled. Sometimes when you were not prepared to refill it you may find it abit hard mostly if you are living in place where your only way of cooking is through the gas. It is important to keep checking your gas level so that you will be prepared to refill it when it gets empty.

Some people keep lifting their gas cylinder to check the level of the gas. This is not the best way to do it mostly if you are using a large cylinder.One of the best way to check the level of your gas cylinder is by weighing the cylinder. Most gas cylinders are always written the weight of the empty cylinder. This means that if you want to check the level of the gas you just need to weigh the cylinder and subtract the weight of the empty cylinder. The extra weight you get is the weight of your gas.

Secondly, you can check the level of your gas using warm water. This quite easy, all you need to do is warm some water put it in a jag. The next step is to poor the warm water on the surface of your gas cylinder. Let the warm water drip from the top of the cylinder for a while. The next thing you need to do is try to feel the temperature change using your hard. Just from the top, slide your hand slowly downward.You will will be able to feel the temperature difference because the cylinder will be warm on the upper empty part. So try to feel where the cylinders is still cold, that the level of your gas. You can keep doing that after some weeks and you will be ready to refill when your cylinder gets empty.