How trekking daily can lower your risk of erection problems during intimacy

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One of the most common problems some men face while trying to get down with their partners is erectile dysfunction. This is a major problem facing most men both young and old; in an attempt to overcome the problem, some men go for herbal medicines promising to cure the problem automatically.

But there are certain lifestyle habits that can help get rid of this problem in men and even make a man healthy enough to avert the development of erectile dysfunction or problems. Before we get down to the main point of writing this article, it is important have a look at what a healthy sex life entails in men.

What Does It Mean For A Man To Be Sexually Healthy

1. An ability to gain and maintain an erection

2. An ability produce healthy sperm cells i.e. in terms of motility and shape.

Research has shown that sedentary lifestyle is one of the strong contributors to erectile dysfunction and problems in men. So, for a man to prevent a situation whereby, he won’t be able to retain his erection during intimacy, it is often advisable for men to walk atleast for 30 minutes daily. The reason is simple, walking daily will help you burn calories and the more calories a man burns, the higher his chances of maintaining his healthy sex life and also averting erectile problems.

Since leading a sedentary lifestyle contributes to erectile dysfunction, walking and trekking at least two miles daily would help to significantly improve blood flow to and fro the heart and when the heart and circulatory system is in order, there are slim chances that such a man would develop erectile dysfunction or have issues maintaining hos erection. Exercising plays a very positive role when it comes to erection issues and as such, men are advised to trek or walk for at least 30 – 45 minutes daily to keep the body healthy and free from any health condition that can cause erectile dysfunction.