IGBOHO: Beninese lawyer just discovered DSS broke Igboho’s leg; agitator wants to go to Germany for treatment

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Ibarahi m Salami is a lawyer and law professor in Benin. He can’t be clowning.—the reason he stated, in his latest press release, something that makes heads turn.

After seven days in Beninese detention, four weeks after he escaped arrest by the DSS which invaded his Ibadan home, Igboho, according to the lawyer, just revealed he has a ricked ankle—or a slipped disc—or something worse.

“When the DSS tried to attack Igboho in his house in Nigeria, and he escaped, he got injured,” said Salami.

“It was not easy for him to stand. As of yesterday, he couldn’t stand before the judge; we gave him a chair.”

So amidst allegations of stockpiling weapons in Nigeria, and of criminal conspiracy with Beninese immigration officers, and of illegal migration, and of inciting civil unrest in Benin, Igboho told Salami and his team to fight for his bail in order to seek medical attention—in Germany where his family live.

“So there is need for them to allow him go to Germany so he can get medical care. So, we are trying our best to help him get that,” Salami said.

Igboho came out a day after the arrest, bragging he was in his house in Soka, unhurt, battle-ready.

“If you want to arrest me, come. I live in Soka. Make sure you come with a net and wheelbarrow. And don’t come at night. If about 1,000 of you come at night, if 100 return, it means you use spiritual powers to disappear. I am not the type that can be intimidated by the police,” Igboho boasted in a video.

The injury might not have showed any sign of discomfort then. Now, he needs to be evacuated to Germany from Benin.

It’s a hard one.

Salami admitted.

“As lawyers, our job is not easy because the way we started the case is not what is currently obtainable,” he said.

“We started the case fighting against his extradition to Nigeria but now, it is Sunday Igboho versus Benin Republic.”