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Ilana Omo Oodua, Akintoye, Igboho lead counsel Alliyu at war over threat against election in southwest



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Yomi Alliyu, counsel to detained Sunday Adeyemo Igboho has condemned statements credited Ilan Omo Oodua’s leader Prof. Banji Akintoye and a runaway spokesman of Igboho Olayomi Koiki.

Akintoye recently threatened there will be no guber election in Osun and Ekiti in 2022.

Koiki too had discredited Benin Repulic justice system in his own statement he nonetheless attributed to Igboho.

But Alliyu, in statement on Monday, said Akintoye and Koiki don’ speak for his client, and indicated there is no way they can unilateral get justice the way they go about it.

“Justice is not a one way traffic but 3-way! One for them, one for public and another for Government,” the senior lawyer said.

Pelumi Olanjengbesi, a lawyer the Akintoye group hired to secure the release of the Igboho 12 detainees, also condemned Akintoye’s threat, saying it’s not proper in a constitutional democracy.

The group and Olanjegbesi have since parted way.

Alliyu noted he instructed Pelumi Olajengbesi to secure the release of the 12 people arrested in Chief Sunday Adeyemo’s house.

“I NEVER involved him in Chief Sunday Adeyemo’s matter. Thus, he has a limited brief.”

So the Abuja-based lawyer held brief only for the llana Oodua that paid him for services he rendered to them.

“Whether he could turn around to condemn the arrow head of those who paid him depends on his conscience,” Alliyu said.

But on what Olajengbesi said about Akintoye, Alliyu made a bolder statement.

“LET IT BE ON RECORD THAT I ALSO CONDEMN THE STATEMENT of Baba Prof Akintoye that there will not be elections in Ekiti and Osun States,” he said.

“I seize this opportunity to plead with members of the public to disregard whatever Pelumi Olajengbesi, Esq. or Mr. Koiki stated to have purportedly emanated from Chief Sunday Adeyemo.

“While Pelumi could say anything for the 12, and that will be after clearance from me which he has not taken in recent times, he has no right to say anything on behalf of Chief Sunday Adeyemo aka Igboho Oosa since he is NOT his counsel, without infringing on Rules of Professional Conduct.

“Kolki on his part can say whatever he likes on behalf of his Ilana Oodua Group but NOT Chief Sunday Adeyemo! Each of them should be held personally liable for their utterances.

“For umpteenth time, I, Chief Yomi Alliyu SAN, is the only person authorised in writing by my Client, Chief Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a Igboho Oosa, to act for him and/or make statements on his behalf.”