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Interim Govt: DSS has hidden agenda to arrest leaders of opposition parties – Adebanjo



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The leader of Afenifere cultural group in southwest Nigeria, Pa Ayo Adebanjo, on Friday alleged that the Department of Security Service (DSS) has a hidden agenda in the revelation of plots to install interim government by some “misguided” politicians in the country. The elder statesman speaking on ARISE NEWS Newsday on Friday, monitored by National Daily from Lagos, chided the DSS for issuing a statement alerting Nigerians of a danger rather than taking actions to avert the danger, insinuating that the DSS statement disclosing plot to install interim government was an arrangement to arrest leaders of opposition political parties, adding that it is also an arrangement to truncate popular protest of the 2023 general elections.
Pa Adebanjo questioned the integrity of the DSS as ‘secret police’, saying that their duty is to gather intelligence not accessible to citizens and get the appropriate security agency to take action. He said that the statement by the DSS exposing plot to install interim government in Nigeria is not useful to Nigerian citizens, pointing out that the people cannot take any action on such statement.
The elder statesman further said that the DSS operatives were silent when critical security issues were raised in the country, citing the revelation of list of Boko Haram sponsors, some of whom he said, were identified to purportedly be ministers in the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, adding that some others were identified to be governors.
Adebanjo challenged the DSS to arrest people who made divisive and incitive statements during the general elections in Lagos State, saying that DSS silence on such issues raises suspicion of collusion with the perpetrators. He maintained that the DSS should been seen to be promoting general interest, among others.

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