Internal bleeding in the kidneys: Signs you should not take for granted

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The kidneys are very important organs in the body due to the various functions they perform. They help in filtering the blood and getting rid of toxins that may harm someone and unwanted materials. These unwanted materials are forwarded to the urinary tract to be gotten rid of through urine. But the kidneys may also develop some life-threatening issues such as internal Bleeding.

This is professionally referred to as kidney contusion and it happens when the kidneys start bleeding internally due to heavy blow to the back or accident. If after an accident, you start having the symptoms or signs going to be mentioned in this piece, then do well to go for checkup. This article was derived from the publication on Healthline, so just sit tight and learn something new.

What Are The Signs Of Internal Bleeding In The Kidneys That Should Not Be Ignored?

1. Blood in the urine – when the kidneys are bleeding internally, you will start seeing blood in your urine more frequently.

2. Poor urine production or output – this is due to the fact that urine production is closely tied to the kidney state of health and performance. If after an injury or blow to the back, you start having lower than normal urine output, then something may have gone wrong with your kidneys.

3. Constant back pain may also be due to kidney bleeding, so make sure you get checked once these signs start sufficing for your own good.

4. Skin rash or itch stemming from accumulation of toxins under the skin due to the fact that the kidneys are no longer working as they should due to the injury. So make sure you get checked once these signs start showing up after getting injured or being hit at the back.