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Jagaban: The task of building a decaying country!



42 days to inauguration, Tinubu 'shelters' overseas
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Turning over a derelict structure requires a thorough preparation, hard work, bravery, facing some disgusting inconveniences, disheartening discoveries before getting the structure into an acceptable shape. The emergence of an ailing Tinubu, as President-elect, has been heralded with mixed feelings and elongated reservations.

Tinubu’s life savings have been cashed in by winning Nigerian Presidential ticket despite some painful life-threatening challenges from NADECO, some created obstacles against his candidacy, the Muslim-Muslim Presidential ticket; his ethnic extraction through 1983, 1993, with an added Generational variable and now 2023.

Some communities are very incredulous about the INEC pronouncement that Tinubu of APC won the ticket with 8,794,726 votes for the 2023 Nigeria presidential election of February 25, 2023, among other contestants, the PDP with 6,984,520 votes for Atiku; LP with 6,101,533 votes for Obi; while NNPP with 1,496,687 votes for Rabiu. No one is comfortable in sprinting at the announcement as it has been widely and deeply perceived as flawed by Election Observers and many Nigerians.

Meanwhile legal processes have started in earnest without anticipating any violence to affirm the authenticity of the Nigeria 2023 Presidential elections. Peter Obi of Labor Party promised to proof to Nigerians that it was an imperfect Presidential Election, which dislocated the process of electing peoples’ choice candidate to manage the country’s resources.

Nigerians should promote meaningful discussion on the 2023 President election results as an exchange of thoughts and knowledge, by stimulating it; as argument is an exchange of ego and ignorance, which we should be avoided as much as possible.

The election moderator, INEC, in future must go through some dialysis to cleanse its operations, casting out the debris before generating its fine products. Meanwhile we should work on the supplied meat Nigerians will consume for the next four dinners, to be well-cooked before the consumption. Getting new aroma for our meal will do the work for the country from all ramifications so that the dinner will be very good for consumption and well digested before another gathering the new food items.

As Tinubu inherits the already muddled and disheveled Country from Buhari’s impoverished management style, he must work on the Nigerian man-made challenges the insecurity, the sapping economy, joblessness, poor moral decadence, poverty, and pathetic infrastructure. We should dump the blame-Game while Nigeria needs total restoration.

Tinubu is a wealthy kleptocratic “godfather” of politics, with a reputation for lavish spending and corruption; as opposed to the outgoing President Buhari, with a reputation for financial propriety. We expect Tinubu to transform Africa’s most populous country with the largest economy, into greatness making Nigeria the pride of Africa, as a role model for all black people worldwide, to be respected among all other countries.

Enough of rhetoric, Tinubu should assemble his team in all fields especially on the economy and start the work in restoring Nigeria in earnest. Tinubu’s age would not matter provided he is healthy to face the man-made challenges of insecurity by decentralizing the Nigeria Police. Nigerians need to enjoy all the basic needs, including a safe and secure environment, and the derelict infrastructure.

Tinubu commended INEC work as he accepted the mandate to be a Servant leader; working with other contestants as a TEAM; the Youth; the National Assembly; granting financial autonomy to the Universities; no more strikes, four-year course to be four-year course.

In addition, he must nurture strong effective institutions for the delivery of dividend of Democracy to Nigerians; most especially for INEC to fix the election lapses to bring the country from the gully it dug for itself.

He should unlock Nigeria communities through Rural Development programs by opening rural communities, like in Kwara State, with accessible roads, for an average Nigerian to work on his legitimate business with ease.


Opening the Rural Developments should come with the provision of the essentials like power and water supply to entice small, medium, and possibly, large scales industries for cheaper labors and productions.

However, the traditional Ethnicity, Religion Variables and the newly added Generational Variable should be the basis for Nigeria strength and development in all ramifications. While stretching his administrative hands to the Nigerians in Diaspora, for the Brain Gain.

Tinubu should faithfully be reminded by Dr. Martin Luther that “We need leaders not in love with Money but in love with Justice; not in love with Publicity but in love with Humanity”. He should be cautious that public office is a sacred trust on behalf of the people. The vast resources must be brought to bear in improving the life of the people, rather than concentrating it to the few.

Nigeria should be a nation based on Justice, Peace, and Prosperity for all.

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