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Jonathan’s social media handler condemns Social Media bill



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Following the Deputy Sen. Leader Ibn Na’Allah’s bill to censor social media, the former social media adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has joined millions of users to condemn the move.

In a slew of tweets, Reno Omokri said freedom of information is a necessity in any democracy.

According to him, Jonathan left a legacy of freedom of expression, and through his five-year term peppered with criticisms, the former president never jailed anybody for airing their view.

“I call on the Senate to take a cue from ex-Pres Jonathan who faced false reports yet NEVER tampered with Free Speech,” Omokri stated in a tweet.

He urged the 8th National Assembly led by Dr. Bukola Saraki to let the sleeping dog lie.

“What I know is that ex Pres. Jonathan would never sign such a law if it passes and I believe President Buhari wont either,” he said, adding that Jonathan, “at huge political cost to himself, signed Freedom of Information to law. Senate should let sleeping dogs lie!”

The controversial bill seeks to protect public offices and their occupants from anyone who makes “an allegation or publish a statement or petition in the newspaper, radio, or medium of whatever description against another person, institutions of government, or any public office holder.

The punishments range from a jail term of six months to two years or a fine of between N2 million to N4 million. If passed to law, the bill would cover sms, whatsapp, wechat, web 2.0, and other platforms.